How You Know I Am Old

If you can't tell I am old, I am getting hip hop knowledge from blogs. I went over to Roslyn's and she had a pic of Jimmy from Degrassi.

Not this Degrassi, the one I watched in junior high and high school:

But this Degrassi:

Look at Jimmy:

Now look at DRAKE (the guy who played Jimmy):

He is going to bring back the light skinned boy with good hair trend that was so prevalent in the 80s. He is so the next Al B. Sure!

Now Listen to Him:

::edited to add R.I.P. Pimp C, UGK & Bun B 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Texan it is law I do this shout out since Bun B is featured on this song::

Another way I can tell I am old, I recognized this song as the sample in the song noted above. I remember watching this on MTV as a kid: