Precious Revisited-Book Vs. Trailer


A week or two back, I blogged about the trailer for the new film Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Now I had read the book a while back ago, but I was foggy about details, so I decided to re-read the book. It took me all of four hours to read the book and that was with me cooking dinner and eating. The book is that good. One thing I noticed in the comments of my previous post was some of the concerns of the movie. The light skin vs. dark skin components of the trailer. The fact that Precious in the trailer is being told by her teacher her baby loves her. That folks are hoping for a happy ending. The concern about her weight. Re-reading the book has me wanting to talk about a lot of things that can be relayed in the real world. I might have quite a few blog posts on the book.

I guess the first thing I will address in terms of the movie vs the book is the light skin vs. dark skin dynamic. In the book Precious is very color conscious, there is no doubt, but in the movie the teacher is a light skinned woman. The book she is not light skinned, and Precious makes it known she is not Paula Patton colored. Precious does have a serious concern about skin color. I have a feeling with the way casting went down, just from looking at the trailer, this issue will be glossed over. In terms of the social worker or Mariah Carrey character, the character was actually from what I gather from the trailer, a white woman in the book. So that isn't much of a stretch, considering Mariah is biracial. I think her dad is half black, but her mother is a white woman.

In terms of the teacher telling Precious her baby loves her in the trailer. I know it is horrible to say that to a teen, but in Precious' life, you have to look for any and every bright spot, for Precious her baby is a bright spot, no matter how that baby came to be born into this world. So I understand it, I don't think of it as a negative, and in the context of the book, it is understandable why this scene is considered a touching and poignant spot of the movie (or at least the trailer).

I will say this, if the movie goes with the book, you will not see Precious lose 200 pounds and become a supermodel. This ain't that kind of book. I honestly don't think it will be that kind of movie. This book is really, really gritty. I cringe reading some of the parts, even knowing what goes on, I wonder how some of these scenes will translate in the movie. The book isn't a feel good book.

In terms of her weight. It is important, it is reflective, and it ties into her whole entire life. She couldn't be played by Naomi Campbell, or Kerri Washington, or another actress who is tiny and skinny. Precious is a big girl, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, even though the movie and book does not seem to be duplicates of each other, both appear to have some great merits. I think just from looking at the trailer, this will be breakthrough roles for both Mo'Nique and for the actress playing Precious, Gabourey Sidibe.