Even As First Lady, A Black Woman Can't Catch A Break

Thanks Acting Drama for the video.

Rusty DePass is a GOP activist with a facebook page. Someone left a comment about an escaped gorilla at a zoo. His response:

"I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

Yes he did. He compared the First Lady of the United States to a gorilla. A GORILLA. You know you can't compare black people to primates. That is some harsh stuff there. That feeds into the belief that many a white held for years that black people really aren't human, but closer to being an animal. My great uncle once told me that while he was fighting in Korea, the Korean people would ask the black military men if they had tails. They really thought they were monkeys. I am still in awe about that. How dumb and ignorant must one be to ask that question?

I know this man has to know black people are no more direct descendants to monkeys or gorilla than any other race of people, but oh, well I guess he doesn't give a damn. Macon D over at his blog has a great post about white people comparing black folks to monkeys and apes. It is a bit sad, but it is a great post.

What is even more shocking is that this man has apologized, but only half assed, after all it is Michelle's fault for him making the comparison:

"The comment was hers, not mine"

I am trying to figure out where Michelle ever said she was related to Bubbles the monkey or Koko the gorilla. Oh wait, I CAN'T!!!!!!!! Maybe she took a stance on evolution, but I don't think she ever said she, herself was a direct descendant of a gorilla.

Again we blame the victim. It is a great tactic used by many a racist, why stop now. Again a black woman is insulted and degraded, and people are shrugging it off as if it is her fault. Michelle is being treated as other, as if she is too animalistic to even be respected as a woman, much less a First Lady.

It simply amazes me in "post racial" America, we have people comparing their President, as well as First Lady to monkeys and gorillas. It scares me that this isn't even the first time it happened. Remember this:

Post racial America my ass.