Even In My Moments of Insanity, I Find Some Good

I was not intending to find this video. This is some guy's class project, I thought it was a cute little video with an IR spin.

This is what I was really looking for. My new weird obsession, Christian Weston Chandler:

Chris is the creator of Sonichu. Sonichu is a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. You see that medallion he is wearing. He really wears that out in public. In matter of fact he wore it in his driving license photo. This man has an army of people whose sole purpose in life is to troll him, and he actually lets them. It is mind blowing. Anyway, here is an example of why this guy gets trolled. It isn't safe for work:

If you are wondering, he is indeed single, but sorry he doesn't date black ladies, as you know us black ladies are eagerly awaiting for his call. Nothing like a 27 year old who lives with his parents, who doesn't work, and appears to be high functioning autistic as well as have narcissistic personality disorder, and a criminal record. Yes this fool was arrested for hanging out in front of a Target with a sign that indicated he was looking for a woman, when asked to leave he refused, the police were called and he resisted arrest. He was also arrested at a mall for the same issue and possible stalking. He was also banned from his local community college for the same reason.

Don't cry though ladies, I am sure he will expand his options sooner or later.