Food Inc.

Found this video courtesy of Dark Parables

This is a movie I am interested in seeing. Having a father in agribusiness, I am well aware of the corporate farm. My father still to this day laughs at me when he sees my organic veggies in my fridge, because he knows in most cases what we think of as organic doesn't really exist. There isn't really much difference if you are buying your veggies and meat from a big chain market. If you want true organic you really have to support local farmer's markets, and many times these are out of reach and convenience for most people, and limits your choices to what is in season vs. what you are in the mood for at the time. I am not supposed to be able to get strawberries all year round, but I do. Not to mention you would be hard pressed to find a successful independent farmer, these folks just don't exist anymore. Farmers were bought out by corporations decades ago. The small guy couldn't compete with the big companies on price and output.

One criticism of the animal rights movement of grocery stores and the corporate farms is the way in which animals are treated, even with regulations in place, it doesn't seem to be very humane. I am inclined to agree. I think everyone who eats meat should see how animals are processed. It isn't pretty. Some people it won't bother, for instance my father who knows how his burger gets to his plate, but for people like me, it makes me cringe. Even though I still cook for my carnivore husband, it does bother me, and I will admit if I don't see the "animal parts" when I purchase meat, it doesn't seem all that gross.

As we know there is an obesity epidemic in America, and some of the biggest culprits of this are convenience food and the lack of access and cost effectiveness of fresh, whole foods. I often wonder if the food companies are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies who are then in bed with health insurance companies. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do think about it.