I Blame MTV

For all those that don't know I am a bit of a music fiend. I have over 5,000 songs in my itunes library. 5,348 songs to be exact, and that changes constantly.I was on a music binge while twittering last night. Yes, on Saturday nights I sit at home blogging, listening to music, and twittering, I have no life. Anyway my music listening made me eager to youtube old music videos, and it struck me, as a middler schooler and high schooler, I could easily crush on any man in a music video of groups I liked. These men weren't particularly attractive, just musicians. I love Robert Smith of The Cure. I had the "Boys Don't Cry" poster on my wall. I loved Morrissey, knowing good and damn well he doesn't like girls. I liked Sean Dickson of the Soup Dragons. Even Phil King of Lush. I think even at one point I loved Mike Edwards of
Jesus Jones. Don't laugh. You guys know you loved his fancy cool hat.

Now note, most of these men, not really attractive, they were just bands I liked and for some reason developed crushes on the lead singers or the guitarists. Why I liked these bands and music so much, I don't know what initially attracted me to them. I should go ahead and let folks know that I was late to watching many of these music videos because for a few years our cable company felt MTV* was satanic. I heard most of these bands on the radio first and then saw them in videos. Note though, all these guys have something in common. Some of them I believe started some of my preferences I think. As I have stated before, for some reason I like tall white guys with blue or green eyes and dark hair, like they just stand out to me more than others in average. I married a tall guy with green eyes and dark hair. Did my taste in music coerce my preferences in men? I often wonder if that was the case. I can distinctly remember crushing on a guy at school because he looked like Martin Gore of Depeche Mode (see video above). The irony of crushing on the whitest member of Depeche Mode is he is actually half black. His father was an African American GI from Virginia. I digress. You know I would :)

Did my music also influence my preferences in men? I am wondering looking at some of these men. I also question why I like men who wear make up and in many cases look kind of feminine. Maybe I need to talk to a therapist about the androgynous love I had going on.

*A side note for the younger viewers of this blog, before "The Real World", "The Hills", and all those other craptacular reality shows became the norm for MTV, MTV actually did something crazy called playing music videos the majority of the time. I know this is crazy that Music Television aka MTV showed music videos, imagine that!