This Is Why The Republican Party Will Continue to Alienate Black Voters

Thanks again to Shanic Design

Can you tell me what you think is wrong with this picture? What do all the people in the pic have in common? Now look in the lower right corner? Who is that supposed to be?

Now, do you get the joke? How does this not come off as racist? I am curious to see why the person who sent this email, titled "Historical Keepsake Photo", thought that it was a good idea to send it from work. Especially since the woman, Sherri Goforth, is an executive assistant to Senator Diane Black, a republican. There seems to be no outrage in the Republican party for this. The woman still has her job. When questioned about the email, do you think Goforth was apologetic? She was sorry for the fact it was sent to the wrong list of people.

When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list. When I gave her a second chance to address the controversial nature of the email, she again repeated that she only felt bad about sending it to the wrong list of people.

I guess in her mind the email is ok.

Between people like this and the Depass guy comparing Michelle to a gorilla, does the Republican party really need to ask why they have a hard time capturing the black vote?