Transformers II: Minstrel Show In Disguise?

Transformers II is now out in movie theaters. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the new movie. Two characters Mudflap and Skid, are getting Jar Jar Binks negativity.

Here is what is getting people up in arms according to this site:

These new robots, who begin the film conjoined as a shitty old ice cream truck but who soon get upgraded into Chevy concept cars, seem to be the most extreme racial caricatures seen in a movie in decades. The Twins have a simian appearance, with wide faces and huge ears. One of them (full disclosure: I am not sure which is which, namewise. This isn't a problem limited to just these robots in Transformers 2 as I couldn't tell most robots apart, except for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee) has a gold bucktooth. They have a 'playful' back and forth relationship, which includes them talking in some sort of modern day rap-age jive, calling each other 'bitch-ass' or 'punk,' talking with an exaggerated, crunked-up 'street' accent. They appear to be stoned all the time. And they can't read; when asked to translate some ancient Cybertronian language they sheepishly admit they 'don't do much readin'.' To be fair, only Primes can read this language, but even the completely idiotic mini-bot (and Italian stereotype) Wheelie can at least recognize what the writing is. The Twins are completely illiterate, it seems. I was actually surprised that the film didn't find a way to make them wear a Transformers version of baggy pants.

Now, I have not seen the movie, but it sounds kind of suspect. People were already questioning the role of Jazz in the first movie. In the first movie Jazz appears to be the "black" autobot who is really good at breakdancing. He is the only autobot to die. I thought this was suspect, I mean, why does the black autobot have to be good at dancing and die, but I overlooked it, as my husband was already freaked out over the inaccuracies of the autobots in comparison to the cartoon of his childhood. Not to mention it was good to see Darius McCrary from Family Matters working.

I don't know if I will be able to overlook Mudflap and Skids though. Illiterate, gold tooth, jive talking autobots? That is a bit much. My husband is already disgusted that Michael Bay has the chance to destroy all things good with Transformers, a childhood favorite, how do I cope with a gold tooth, illiterate, jive talking robots?