"Wacko Jacko"

OK this has to be said. I went on over to the DailyKos, as well as some other sites. For some reason, those who have issues with Michael Jackson's sexual abuse allegations tend to want to compare him to OJ Simpson. I guess the comparison is both "got off" and were actually guilty. For some reason, innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply to them. Neither were convicted of their crimes. There are some unconfirmed reports now that Jordy Chandler, the boy who made the 1st allegations of abuse has recanted his accusations.

In terms of OJ, I think he was guilty as hell. I make no qualms about it. Michael on the other hand I don't think did it. I personally think that Michael was inappropriate with those children. I wholeheartedly believe that. Grown ass men don't lay in bed with little kids. I don't understand why a grown ass man would want to lay in bed with children for the sake of a sleepover, but I don't think Michael is a pedophile. I think he is a victim of his own fame.

The man basically came out of the womb performing. This man has literally worked all his life and never had a childhood. We all have heard the stories about Joe Jackson and his parenting skills. I think he tried desperately to recapture what he never had. The man told folks he was Peter Pan in the Martin Bashir interview. We know he was crazy. He created Neverland so he could have his own place to be a child. He was reaching because he was too old to be doing that. We all know this. The lack of his childhood in my opinion caused all of his problems, the biggest problem is grasp, or lack thereof of reality.

Something else to consider, Michael Jackson probably isn't used to the word 'no'. Michael had all these people around them, none of them had enough sense to tell him when he was wrong. Someone should have told Michael to stop after the third rhinoplasty. Maybe someone should have said to put Webster down and quit hanging out with Macaulay Culkin. Someone should have told him that maybe, just maybe he should have sought another treatment for vitiligo aside from bleaching his skin. Maybe someone should have told him to be quiet when Martin Bashir was asking him about laying in bed with kids. After the first accusation, someone should have told Michael to cut back on the sleep overs. Or that he shouldn't dangle babies over of hotel balconies. Of course, these folks were too scared to tell this man that because they wanted to be near Michael, they liked being on his payroll, and they didn't want to be pushed away. Michael lived his whole life like that. I am sure he had people around him whose sole purpose in life was to be near him. The man is a superstar. As a result of this superstardom he was used by those around him.

He was used also by the media. The media never forgave him for leaking the false stories about himself. He did it as a joke, tired of the media following and trying to figure out every single thing he did. He never slept in a hyperbaric chamber to slow down the aging process. He wanted to promote Captain EO. He didn't buy the elephant man's bones. After that, all the other "Wacko Jacko" stuff the media made on it's own. When the 1st allegations of sexual abuse came forward, they had a field day. It was plastered all over the news.

Some of the stuff that was considered weird, I actually understood. I understood why his kids (whether biological or not) had their faces covered for years. He didn't want them exposed for the world to see. Notice he didn't have them performing on stage with him. Those kids were literally hidden. He wanted them to have a childhood he didn't have.

Michael Jackson was eccentric. I will admit that. The man probably had some real issues stemming from his past. He appeared to have body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia. He didn't have a strong grip on reality. I just don't really think he molested those two kids. The first case never went to trial, and the second case did, but he was found not guilty. I found it strange that some of the jury when interviewed stated that in that particular case they found him not guilty, but they did believe he had molested before due to the testimony of some of the witnesses, including Macaulay Culkin.

So I know somewhere he was inappropriate, but then I also wonder about the families. I can't imagine not taking a solid molestation case to trial, just to settle for money instead. I don't want someone to pay just financially for sexually abusing a child, but I want them to suffer in all ways possible, and for a celebrity like Michael Jackson, prison would a bigger hell to him than paying $22 million dollars. The man made billions. Even though he was struggling financially per the media, they still estimated his assets at half a billion dollars. Not to mention I find it weird any sane parent would be cool with a 35 year old man sleeping with their kids and having a sleep over with them. I mean you have to wonder if these kids were pawns in all of this, not of Michael, but their own parents.

Even though he had all of these things that haunted him and his career, I find it offensive given the results of these trials that people are celebrating his death and basically spitting on his grave. If you don't like him fine, but why disrespect him, especially when you, yourself have no proof of the allegations? Not to mention in all reality, there are going to be people who will cry for even the most depraved people when they die. Charles Manson when he dies will have someone cry for him. There are people who to this day celebrate Timothy McVeigh as a hero. Why are you upset that people are mourning this loss? It isn't just about Michael Jackson, it is the fact that many of us have some favorite childhood memories as a courtesy of him. We all wanted the red zipper jacket, the sequined gloves. We all tried to moonwalk.We learned his dance moves and watched his videos with our friends. Our mourning lies with those memories. Can we not mourn for the man who helped create those memories?