Why Today Is Hate A White Liberal Day-My Rant

So as you guys know, my new addiction is Twitter. You run into all kinds of folks from different walks of life. It is really fun. Every Friday folks recommend other folks to people so others can find new people to follow, in particular people who share your views. Of course being a liberal, I find a lot of other "liberals" and look at who they recommend. Today, I was recommended to this guy. I of course go to his twitter page to find out more about him. I look over at his bio and he describes himself as

Autodidact -cool
polymath-cool, probably has a lot of insight
shanachie-Don't know what it is, but cool
flaming liberal-awesome
boatnigger-HOLD THE %$^* UP.

SERIOUSLY. This mother $^*)*& called himself a BOATNIGGER.

I responded to him with this:

@hankronan boatnigger? Seriously? Please don't say we use the term and it is for sailing so it is ok to use. Seriously?

He responded to me with this:

@siditty Ok, I won't. Suppose you would prefer I use the Politically Correct euphemism "African Marine Technician?" #shrug

I responded in kind:

@hankronan No I just want you to go ^*(@ yourself you *&(_ piece of $#&@ inbred idiot too stupid to understand why that term is offensive.

For those who don't know, it is a term for the person who cleans and maintains a boat. Usually used for a "blue collar" type person who sails or yachts. It is an OLD, ANTIQUATED, old %$& term that people who yacht or sail use. Now who sails and yachts the most? White men, and you know a lot of us black folks can't swim. We don't boat a lot. Unless we are T-Pain or Jay Z and UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C).

The old crusty ^%* mother ^%#(_&^ who use this term to this day, in the mother ^*(%#^% year 2009, should know better, but there dumb &$@($ don't know any better. Let me explain it to these dumb $@# morons. You would think referring to himself as a damn polymath, he might schooled on such issues, but let me address his dumb %$& in more than 140 characters, lest he is too damn dumb to comprehend an abridged tweet.

OK The term nigger is offensive, yes some dumb %&( black folks use it, but it still doesn't make it ok. So don't use the ^#$%@(*^$(@^% term you dumb ^*( bitch.

Being that the term is associated for one that cleans and maintains the boat, or for people who are "blue collar" indicates to me that you associate "niggers" with those whose sole purpose is to clean up and take care of your crusty white %&(. Again, go #%&* yourself.

Obviously white liberal guilt does not extend to this punk %$#&*. I was not aware there was a liberal chapter of the KKK. I bet as a kid he went nigger knocking, used a nigger knife, and pulled up nigger weeds.

Honestly this is the year 2009, figure out why the hell "boatnigger" might be deemed offensive.

Maybe I am being harsh, but I don't have patience for racist folks who feel they are innocent in using offensive terms. Nigger isn't a word I enjoy using, nor hearing. I have heard it enough in my life, and I sure as hell don't want folks like him downplaying the stupidity.