Even A Notable Black Woman Can't Get Media Attention

Cynthia McKinney is a former Congresswoman. She is also a former Presidential Nominee for the United States of America. As of today, Ms. McKinney is in an Israeli prison. Apparently McKinney and 20 other people were on a humanitarian aide trip to Gaza. Per Israel, the boat was in Israeli waters and trying to enter Gaza illegally, per the folks on the boat, they were in international waters.

A former member of Congress is sitting in jail,why isn't this making headlines? I found this story at Daily Kos, not ABC, CBS, the New York Times, or CNN. When you do a search on the news websites, it is there, but as an afterthought. It seems this story isn't newsworthy. Where is the outrage? Why has mainstream media not covered this? She has been in jail since Tuesday. Are we proving once again America doesn't care about black women, in particular a black Congresswoman? Or is this the continuing need for America to stand by Israel, no matter how right or wrong they may be?