I Thank BET

OK before you jump down my throat. I think BET is a hot mess. Apparently they knew they were a Hot Ghetto Mess, but then they realized to acknowledge this was wrong. I see the prevalent buffoonery, and yes I hang my head in shame, as white people actually watch this channel and think this is what most black people like to watch. 106 and Park, BET Uncut, Keyshia Cole's reality show, and Frankie & Neffe. All types of negro shame abounds on BET now, but let's go back in time.

Back to a time when the stupidity was always present, but less minstrel like than what we have now. BET was where I saw "black" music videos; videos MTV refused to play. Teen Summit, which I actually watched. I felt it addressed important topics, and was actually enjoyable to watch. BET Tonight with Tavis Smiley was a great news show. It kept me abreast of the current issues of the day. Did they keep these shows, no, it would have been too much like right, and it would have fell out of line with the stupidity that is BET. Even though these shows are gone, we still have them in our memories and they helped keep BET on the air. What keeps BET on the air now, I don't know. Maybe the reruns of Martin? Oh no, that's TV One. I don't know what the hell keeps BET on the air, but let's give thanks to the few positive aspects of BET of yesteryear, and mourn for what BET could have been; if not for all the shucking and jiving.