I'm A Racist

Sometimes I receive comments on certain posts in which I am called a racist and told I hate White people, or Asian people, or some other race. I won't say I hate anyone due to race, but I am racist.

I admit when I hear White people make gross accusations about affirmative action, I assume them to be the White people who feel they are entitled, and always think for every black person in college, there is some White person who deserved it so much more, regardless of IQ, SAT scores, GPA, and whatever else that black person has.

I sometimes think white people have a belief they are entitled to opportunities in life, and that blacks who are "allowed" these opportunities are inferior.

I think asians and other races of folks look down upon black people in general.

I think many other races of people (Asian, Indian, Hispanic, etc.) aspire to be white and fit into mainstream society.

I think many Asian women suffer from what some Black men suffer from, which is "anything white will do" syndrome.

I think that Hispanics, in particular Mexican folks are some of the most racist people around.

I think that most White people are racist, but they can't accept or acknowledge that fact because it would be seen as negative in this day and age to be so.

I think that for White people when it comes down to certain things, race plays a bigger factor more than they care to admit, consciously or subconsciously.

I think that white women assume they are automatically more attractive than other races of women.

I think white people are way more aware of race than they let on.

Are these sweeping generalizations fair? No, they're not, and I know this. I am painfully aware that these cannot be proven to be absolutely true.

It's often said that black people can't be racist because we don't have the power to be so. I understand the general point of this belief, I really do. Typically speaking, my racist views aren't going to be obstacles to financial opportunities, education, or success to other races of people. If a white person holds racist views, I can understand that they are at more of an advantage deny me things, because right now in America, white people hold way more positions of power than other races of people.

I guess it could be said I am prejudiced. I know it isn't right be to prejudiced, or racist, but the truth is most people are, whether they admit it or not. I admit my prejudices. I think if most people did, race relations would be much better in America. I think that if people admit their prejudices, they can actually resolve their prejudices.

Many times these racist or prejudiced beliefs come from experience, at least that is where a lot of mine come from. When I start to think about these things, and how I feel, I often have to take a step back. I honestly don't know enough Asian people to make the determination that all Asian women love White men. I know that even if there are some white women who feel their whiteness is a positive attribute to their attractiveness, I know there are many who don't think that way. Even if some of my most negative experiences with race have come from Hispanic people, I can't deny that at one time my best friend was Hispanic, my husband's best friend is, and that not all Hispanics hate or dislike black people, and that Hispanics come in all races.

I can admit I have a problem, and that is my first step to remedying the situation. If I am aware of my prejudice I can work on it, but if I deny it, that means I don't want to change. Are people capable of changing?