Pat Buchanan-This Is A Country Built By White People

Pat Buchanan's reaction to Sonia Sotomayor is proof with Affirmative Action is needed, and Rachel Maddow is my girl crush. He said that at Princeton everyone graduates Cum Laude, so Sotomayor's grades don't matter. Sotomayor is considered the most experienced Supreme Court nominee in the last ONE HUNDRED YEARS, but to Pat she is just an unqualified Latina who rose up in her career on her race alone. Her education doesn't matter, her experience doesn't matter, all that matters to Pat is her skin color.

Pat also says the Republican party needs to quit pandering to hispanics and focus on the white vote. I guess as long as whites are the majority, minorities need not be included in the Republican party, and they don't count. We also need to protect the working class whites from "reverse discrimination" because I guess other working class minorities are at an advantage in his mind. Or the only working class is white people, and hispanics and blacks are poor, welfare folks. Whites also built this country all by themselves. Blacks had no role, asians had no role, and hispanics had no role in this country, therefore giving whites the right to exclude other races as they are more entitled to everything they receive based upon whiteness alone.

His racism astounds me, and what scares me is most white people think like him. He plays on white fears very well.