White Liberalism Has Boundaries

I went over to TPM to the reader's blog section and found a story discussing the Valley Swim Club Incident in Philly. The writer was discussing why white liberals feel so guilty. On another story, a writer posted, asking for more information on the president of the club, John Duesler,because the writer felt he could have possibly been railroaded, as he was an Obama supporter, and apparently in that person's mind, there was no way he could have made the comments he made or be associated with an organization that would exclude black children from their swimming pool.

As I read the first story, I understood what the writer was saying. It made sense to me that sometimes white liberals talk the talk, but don't walk the walk when it comes to race, racism, and race relations. They encourage diversity, but move to suburbs to avoid minorities and put their children in all white schools. They talk about voting for Obama as proof of not being racist, even though they harbor racist feelings.It isn't all white liberals, but it happens.

The comments in response to this story were telling. They actually defended Duesler, saying he was being railroaded by the media, and looking at his background as a Obama supporter and peace activist, he must be non racist. That we should give Duesler the benefit of the doubt, that maybe we haven't heard the whole story, it goes back to my belief that most white people think racism is blatant KKK cross burning, and everything else is up in the air. Some provided links in which the Club issued statements that the decision to keep the kids out of the pool had nothing to do with race as proof enough that the club's actions weren't racist. That racism was in the "eye of the beholder", and that we shouldn't rush to judgement. Another one took the statement off the club website was proof of not being racist, because the club described itself as "multi-ethnic and diverse", showing no proof of how many non white members the club actually has. So far there has been one minority, a hispanic teenager stand up for the club. Before the statement was placed on the website, the pictures showing members of the club, did not reflect diversity. If there was diversity at that club, it was hidden.

Again white liberalism has shown that it is all for diversity and showing compassion, but only to a certain extent. If you tow the party line, you can be defended, even if you are defending those who aren't necessarily practicing what they preach.