Caster Semenya: Is She A Man?

Caster Semenya has apparently come out of no where to beat the hell out of women running track everywhere. She just recently won the World's 800 meters title with a record time. The win is bittersweet, the International Amateur Athletics Federation questions if she is really a woman. She has a smaller chest, a deep voice, and racing times that rivals men's track. They are actually having her DNA tested to make sure she is a woman. Kind of insulting if you ask me. Here is a pic of Semenya, I personally can't determine from this pic she is a man:

I can see she is whipping ass on the track, but I don't know if she is a man. Is Semenya getting ridiculed and punished for being too good at her sport? I mean honestly it doesn't appear she is "tucking" anything away, why would I question her gender as that of a woman?

I always find it odd that when women are really good and dominate in a sport, their femininity gets questioned. Remember Serena and Venus? Everyone called them men and some folks call Serena fat. Last I checked having muscles didn't make a woman fat, but I guess since she doesn't look like Anna Chakvetadze, she must be a fat masculine woman. In tennis I guess you have to be blond, white, or skinny to be considered attractive. Not to mention she isn't quite dominating the sport, so I guess Anna's femininity must be in tact compared to Venus and Serena.

Then you have atheletic women who have deep voices. Think Nicole Bass or Robin Coleman. These women in some circles are called men, but in other circles considered attractive. Nicole Bass was in the adult business for a while and her audience was men, not women.

So do you think that if Semenya wasn't an extraordinary in track, they would even question her gender?