I Don't Know What To Think?

This 84 year old woman was knocked to the ground by a police officer. I should also add this woman has Alzheimer's disease. It sounds and looks really bad. We should note though that this woman was in a Wal Mart parking lot walking around threatening to cut people with a knife she had in her hand. She had already cut herself with the same knife. We should also note the crowd was already around her and the police were called because this woman supposedly hit a child, and when people came to intervene the knife came out. Apparently the old lady found the knife in the car of her daughter, cut herself out of the seatbelt and left the car to go find her daughter. Her daughter had left her in the car, while she was going to make a run into Wal Mart.

I don't know what to think. How could the officer had gotten the knife without knocking her down? Obviously the woman wasn't in her right mind to listen to the officer, but at the same time the woman was out and about threatening to cut people with a knife. Is this police brutality or the police acting for the good of the greater public?