Why Don't We Know About These Serial Killers?

Devona Walker over at the Loop did an excellent article on this very topic.

There are six women dead and three missing. Shouldn't this story be a big deal? Shouldn't there be warnings? Shouldn't people be on the look out?

Where is the outrage that a man has been suspected of killing eleven women. This man is still on the loose, shouldn't folks be aware, shouldn't this be national news? This person is know as the West Mesa Bone Collector.

This man has also killed 11 women. This person is known as the Grim Sleeper. He has believed to have been on the loose since 1985. Again why have we not heard anything?

I find it odd that we can get national news coverage for a woman who was killed by a reality star, that David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam killed six people and injured seven is infamous, and the BTK Killer murdered 10 people and received extensive national coverage.

If you can tell me why these people received extensive media coverage and these three suspected serial killers have not, outside the fact that these three suspected serial killers target hispanic and black women, please let me know.

It seems that if a black person dies in a violent way, it is par for the course. If a person who is white dies violently we are all supposed to be outraged! Why are we not outraged or concerned about all races of people?