Women Do Not Exist For the Sole Purpose of Appeasing Men

It seems that as America pop culture evolves, the more it devolves. We have certain aspects of hip hop culture that is misogynistic and very volatile towards women. We have standards of beauty that all women are judged by. We have those who feel that women are here for the purpose of sexually harassing, and assume that women should enjoy it, or otherwise face consequences.

We have all met the men who feel they need to have a certain kind of woman. Their woman must be in shape, be at least a 8 on a scale of 10, and have a body if other men will drool over. The guy with these requirements is unemployed, maybe a 5, and the only exercise he gets is using his fingers on his game controller.

Those men are annoying, but not threatening. You then have the men who enjoy looking at the female body. They appreciate all shapes and sizes and stare down women all day long. It's creepy, it's a bit strange, but you just keep your guard up and move on.

The next step is the men who take things too far. Men who cat call to let you know they like your body or body parts. They approach you in a manner in which they think your name is Delicious and you work in a strip club. Your name isn't Delicious, and you aren't in a strip club, but they look you up and down, approach you like a common street whore, and then if you reject their advances, you then become ugly and unwanted. I've heard more than once by men who I refused to give my number to "Didn't no one want your ugly ass anyway!"

You then have the straight up crazy folks. The people who actually grab you. The ones who rub various body parts as you walk by. This is the stuff that scares me. This is the stuff that gets me running from folks.

These men are who I worry about. The men who can't handle being ignored or rejected. The men who are nice when they are talking about your chest, but mean as hell when they realize talking about your chest isn't going to get a phone number. The men who start yelling, the men who get in your face, the men who attack you when you don't respond, or worse yet say "no thank you." No matter if you are cordial and rude in your response, they are rude and downright angry in their response. It seems that sometimes it even ends in murder. No one should be shot for not giving out their phone number.

A lot of websites have popped up to stop street harassment, including folks putting up photos, but in some instances, that has been dangerous. How do women protect themselves? How do we as a society learn that women are here for more than the pleasure and appeasement of men?