Dear Old White Man

Dear Old White Man,

I know when you approach me, I am supposed to drop my panties on site. I understand that me being a negro, I should be flattered you offered to buy my coffee. I know that after you asked if we could have coffee together and I told you I was married, I should have just bypassed that and offered instead to go off to some seedy hotel with you. Unfortunately for you, I don't work that way. I see you as the reason so many black women are scared to date white men.

I remember back in the day in my early 20s, the white men who always approached me were in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. I even had a few who were in their 60s who would approach me. Wrinkled, overweight, or married, it didn't matter I was the key to fulfilling the fantasy of sleeping with the black woman, who in your mind is apparently wild in bed. I know that you had this dream in your teens and 20s, but then you were too scared of what your family and friends would say, so you went the safe route and got your white woman, got married, and had kids. I understand you are now divorced, or you never bothered to get married, but why not fulfill the fantasy with a black woman closer to your age? You want the woman who might have wanted to date you if you were her age, maybe when you are a little less wrinkled, bald, and worn.

All I am saying is, your boat as passed. Just because now you have nothing to lose, it doesn't mean I don't. I have family and friends who like me, are not impressed by whiteness alone. Some of us black women are not complacent with being your play toy or your "dirty little secret". Some us only actually sleep with men we like and want relationships with, not with any man on the street corner. Some of us actually like white guys, but we only like white guys who aren't scared of what their families and friends will think. We like guys our own age, and not just any man who comes and approaches us. I know per the media and hell even some of our own, we are ugly, downtrodden, desperate, and destined to be alone, but some of us actually do ok in the dating and relationship world and are willing to hold out for the guys who aren't chicken shit.

I hope you find someone, let's hope you don't pay and offer a hotel room for her