Mental Illness In The Black Community-Maia Campbell

I was going to try not to be quiet about this, but I couldn't help it. This video angers me to no end. This man is blatantly disrespecting this women and no one is coming to her aid. One man steps in to tell her not to disrespect "his family" while the guy with the camera is asking her such questions as "do you want to suck my dick?" and "you going to pop a tittie out?" I think what is even more astonishing is that it is obvious something is wrong with her, but he is trying to exploit her without a care in the world.

I find it also strange that people are laughing at her misfortune, using it to make fun of her and be downright cruel. Is mental illness funny?

I have talked about the perceptions of mental illness in the black community before. I get frustrated, but then I am part of the problem. I know I have my weird notion about seeing a psychiatrist myself, and I really should be open to the idea. Especially for someone like this woman.

If you guys don't know who this woman is, it is Maia Campbell. She is an actress best known for her role on the sitcom "In The House" with LL Cool J. She is also the daughter of BeBe Moore Campbell. Apparently since her mother passed away a few years back, she has had some issues. I am not clear on her mental condition,but apparently she is either bipolar, schizophrenic, or both and refuses to take her medication. She is also rumored to be using drugs, in particular meth.A few years back, there were some nude pics and videos of her on the internet, and she looked like she wasn't fully aware of what was going on in those. I'm not quite sure where her father or the rest of her family is, or if they are even able to do anything, but I find it strange that these last few years she has been mixed up with people who do nothing but essentially pimp her out, and no one appears to be trying to help her.

How do we stop this stigma?Is she another case of the black community not protecting it's black women?


The "pimp" accused of hitting her speaks. I can't understand a damn word he is saying, but from what I can make out. He claims he isn't a pimp, but rather a "hustla", he doesn't beat her, she's on crack, and she is shooting a music video for him. If she is on crack, why would you want a crackhead in your music video? I also want to know if you were on a video shoot, where in the hell were you shooting the video? It looked like somebody's cousin's house. I love how he wanted her in the video, but he can't be bothered to know her name. I love how he is also concerned about his family being disrespected, but not about her.