What is being anti-Semitic?

I am not exactly sure what this entails, but I am going to try to discuss it. It has been bought to my attention I am anti-semetic. I am not sure how this is, and maybe I am completely naive, but I don't understand.

The first, most recent incident, I will discuss is Sunda Croonquist, the biracial woman who is being sued by her mother in law due to some of her jokes in her comedy routine.

"OK, now that we know you're having a little girl I want to know what you're naming that little tchotchke. Now we don't want a name that's difficult to pronounce like Shaniqua. We're thinking a name short but delicious. Like Hadassah or Goldie."

-Sunda Croonquist

Personally I think her comedy comes from pain, apparently her mother in law wasn't crazy about her daughter in law. The lady was excluded from family photos, had ignorant comments made towards her by her and others in the family, and I should note Mrs. Croonquist is Jewish herself, she converted before she married her husband. Now apparently Ms. Croonquist is a racist who hates Jews because she talks about her Jewish family in her comedy routine. What comedian doesn't talk about their family in their comedy routine? I find it appalling that a woman would risk losing contact with her son and grandchildren because their mother makes jokes. She should be offended in doing what she did to the mother of her grandchildren, and the possible horrible treatment she received from her and other members of the family for not being an "ideal" white jewish woman. I find it strange because she is Jewish herself, but apparently in these situations you have to choose race over religion. I guess since it is perceived she chose race, she is now anti-Semitic.

Another example of my anti-Semitism is my views of Max Blumenthal's video showing college age, drunk kids making very racist comments in regards to Obama. The immediate reaction was they were drunk and American. Being dunk doesn't make one racist or say racist things. Nor does being American make someone automatically racist, even if we live in a very racist country. Why is it impossible for folks in Israel to be racist, and no one said all of Israel was racist, but I do think racism exists there, just like everywhere else in this world.

This is racist, it doesn't represent all Jewish people in Israel, but it exists.

I don't think all blacks are non racist, speak to a Hebrew Israelite or Louis Farrakhan, these people are not seeking a racist free world.

I ain't going to lie, I agree with the "die in your wars, build your cities, raise your children, and bleed in all of your wars, and reap none of the benefits, there is no one more patriotic than us" I agree with it because there seems to be a perception by many people that black people aren't patriotic, and we have been here since the inception of this country, building, working, and yet get no recognition for it. Anything outside of that, I don't agree with.

I will also say I can agree with Louis Farrakhan in regards to his criticisms of black people and the black community. I still think he is racist as hell.

I think some blacks can be racist, do I hate blacks for doing so? Is saying some Jews can be racist anti-Semitic?