Why You Can't Use The N-Word

Normal day in Siditty's life, she goes to visit her mother

Siditty's Mother: "Hi Siditty"
Siditty: "What's up my nigga?"
Siditty's Mother: ::silent rage::
Siditty: ::Knocked out on the ground unconscious::

::Pretend this is Siditty and not Suge Knight, and she is at her parent's house, not at a night club::

Contrary to popular belief, I don't use the n-word. I know that since Lil Wayne and all the rappers use it, that equates to all black people using the word, but the fact of the matter is my parents don't use the word (at least in front of me), my friends who are black don't use it, and I don't use it.

I know I am a magical negro. I know that "I'm not like the others", but in reality, I am black, and like many other blacks, realize that the word carries many negative connotations, and even in the year 2009, the world is hurtful and painful to many people, including me.

I know you will think "Wow, slavery is over, why can't you let it go, it's just a word?" See to some of us, it is more than a word, and racism didn't end with slavery. After slavery we had Jim Crow, that denied blacks the rights to a quality education, access to restaurants, stores, parks, pools, bathrooms, transportation, all kinds of places. It also kept blacks from voting. This happened clear until the 1960s.

I know this is crazy, to some, but my parents remember the 1960s. I know me being 33, my mom should only be about 45 or 46, after all, all black people start having children as soon as possible and breeding like cockroaches, but my mother remembers, my father remembers. They remember when it was all the rage for white people to use the n-word, they used it freely and often, without repercussion.

Just because whites then had the "right" to use the word, didn't mean the word didn't have negative connotations or had a negative impact. Just because it is 2009, doesn't mean the word is no longer a word with the same meaning. The meaning is still there. It didn't go away because Nas and Jay Z enjoy using it in their songs.

I'm also going to let you in on a secret. White people still use the word. They don't always use it out in the open, but some do use it, and often. You should read my emails and the comments that don't make it on this blog. I can remember the 1st time I heard the n-word, my family and some of their friends were called the n-word by a man when I was a little kid at a carnival, not too far from a "sundown town". I was born after the era of Jim Crow, and my blog and email address were established after Jim Crow as well. I know this is shocking, but in the year 2009, racism still exists. I say this often, but people tend to forget this all the time, and it concerns me.

If you are white, why are you so eager to use it? I have yet to get a answer to this. Is it really a double standard to use this word? I mean it is kind of like cursing. I might curse when in my home, but at work, I don't call my boss an asshole because he would get on my nerves, nor do I call my co-workers dumb mother fuckers if they do something I don't like, or if I don't like them. I know better than to say that, it is rude, and it isn't polite, nor professional. What would saying the n-word do for a white person, what would you accomplish with that?

I mean I know white people received carte blanche to use the n-word back in the day, but do we want to go back to the era of Jim Crow? Will that make everything right with the world, and eradicate racism to go back to the "good old days", which were full of racism?

I also question the black people who are under the impression all black people go around using the n-word. Who do you hang out with? Is this normal for you? Why would you surround yourself with blatant stupidity, as anyone who uses the word in my mind is stupid. That's how I grew up, the word was ugly, nasty, and not something anyone with a lick of sense would say. Maybe you should break the cycle. Maybe no one told you, we buried the n-word.