Are Black Women Not Yet Discovered?

I found this comment interesting and would like to post it so that I can ensure everyone can read it. This was written by Aabaakawad:

Hopefully this thread is not dead yet.

As a white man who tends toward seeking Black women (not exclusively of course), I am wondering if there is hope in presenting a new appealing archetype to the general society. A branding (in the marketing sense) of the Black Female Talented Tenth. The reality of the BFTT pretty much already fits the archetype I am proposing, but the society at large hasn't caught on to this yet.

Let me explain. I have long known there is a valuable (but not valued) impressive set of successful, intelligent, romantically-loyal, moral, affectionate, psychologically tough, sexy, but lonely, black women. And they are tragically underserved in the marriage market. Over the past year, I have been pleased to learn that most of these women (essentially you gals here really) are at least open to considering non-black men.

Ladies, the problem clearly is not that you are not worthy, but you that you are undiscovered! Progress is already underway for firming up this archetype to be understood by the larger society. Currently, observant men are starting to to be aware of a proto-archetype {single | black
| lonely | professional | female}, and the other positive descriptors {successful | intelligent | loyal, moral, affectionate, tough-minded | sexy} are accreting apace.

This process must be encouraged! Anything that can be done in a coordinated way to foster the growth of this meme must be pursued. Remember, in its essence, the archetype is in fact in line with reality. Given that, it is mostly a matter of exposure, discovery by the society/media at large.

I have been up 26 hours, so I don't have the insight at the moment to present strategey and tactics in the service of this goal. I have to sleep. But I'll be back this evening to see what you all have thought up.

Wishing you all progress.