Can A Half Black/Half Asian Woman be an "Idol" in China?

The is Lou Jing. She is a contestant on a show called "Let's Go! Oriental Angel", which is an "American Idol" or "Pop Idol" type show in China. She is a finalist on the show. If you can't tell she is half black, but she never knew her black American father and was raised in China with her Asian mother. Her mother is from Shanghai, Jing herself was raised in Shanghai and speaks fluent Shanghai dialect. Apparently even though Jing was born and raised in China, she is still a foreigner because of her skin color. Various comments have been made about her and her mother, and many of them according to American standards, would be racist as all get out.

Some examples of comments made about her and her mother:

Shanghai people’s value plunges.
A bastard, brought her out to show off because of the foreigner descent.

The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud.

Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard, Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her!
Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs!
Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.

This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children. Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

There were people who opposed these comments, but even then, some of them were kind of backhanded compliments:

Why all people in here are like this? What kind of world is this!!!!

Her mother, I don’t know. But everyone is discriminate against blacks? If her father is white, what will you say then?

People, please be kind, girl herself is not wrong. Why can’t she go on TV? F* that, I cannot help but to curse. I think even she is a little dark, but very cute~

You guys are a group of twisted people.

I guess it is good to know even if she is "a little dark", she can still be deemed attractive.

It appears that Chinese media has discussed the racism on the internet, and even as they do that, the comments reflect even more racism.

Someone in one of the comment did make a great point, if this girl was mixed with white, would she have gotten a different response. It seems Asians are ok with white, but black is unacceptable.