Can We Use A Dating Site To Determine Racial Trends?

I found this link to a study about OK Cupid, a dating site. I am lying, my husband found this link for me. Isn't he the best? (the answer is yes) It was interesting and showed per matches and replies what ethnic groups responded to who. I found it odd that men of all races seem to be more open to dating other races of people according to this study, but when you go by racial break down, white men and women are more likely to prefer to stay within their race, in comparison to other groups.

What I found odd about this chart is that all other races of men were more likely to reply to a black female than a black male.

This is a bit depressing. Black women receive fewer responses than other races of women. Black women as per usual, compared to other races of women have to put in more work, with less results when it comes to dating. Per the article:

The data show that black women reply "about a quarter more often" than women of other races, that white men get more responses, and, to quote from the post, "White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else--and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men. More significantly, these groups' reply rates to non-whites is terrible."

I also find it interesting that my stereotypes were confirmed by this study (no it still doesn't make it true), but it seems asian and hispanic women in general are eager to date white men, and do so exclusively.

An interesting thing I find, in regards to my responses from white men on the blog, white men tend to believe that black women aren't interested in interracial dating, but this study shows that white men are the ones not interested in black women.

And now we see why white men are today's punching bag - at least on the OKCupid blog. They respond less than any other group, and they respond least of all to black women. And speaking of black women, who we saw in the last table responded more than other groups: These ladies are receiving fewer responses than their peers of other races.

Now this chart shows who is likely to date within their race vs. outside their race. No surprise asian females are the most dating to dating interracially almost to the detriment of asian men. Black men even more so. Hispanic men are a bit more eager to date outside their race than hispanic women, even though per the study, hispanic women are eager to exclusively date white men. The surprise comes from whites, who often times are the ones who say race doesn't matter, white men and white women overwhelmingly prefer to date only other white people. The white men are 40% more likely to prefer to date other white people, while white women have a 54% preference to date within their own race. It seems all other races of people are more open to dating interracially than white people.

I would say if we were to use this study, the whole concept of "demographic winter", where folks are scared the white population is becoming extinct, is false. White people more than any other group seems to want to stick to their own, and seem to be prepared to make plenty of all white babies for years to come.