Cultural Stereotypes Party

Note the disclaimer at the top of the video. I actually wasn't looking to deal with race this morning, I was subscribed to her because she has great make up tutorials. I thought she had a cool channel, and then she and others who commented, pulled the "political correctness" card. We all know how I feel about people getting pissed about being called out on doing racist stuff because of the evil "political correctness"

Lot's of people like to have cultural stereotype parties and they are usually in bad taste and tacky. It is apparently the cool thing to do amongst the younger set. I guess lacking empathy and compassion is just par for the course for the younger people? Or is she and others just doing racism 2009 style? I guess blackface is making a comeback. Maybe by the time my kid is in high school, lynchings will be back in style, and damn anyone who stops them because of horrible political correctness.

Note to white people: Just because there is a minority present to your racism, doesn't necessarily make your racist actions OK. I will blog about that later.

Nor just because stereotypes about a particular race exist, doesn't mean that it is based upon truth.

Also can anyone tell me why when folks do blackface, they do literal black face? I mean how many black people do you know that are literally black? At least try to use some realism when perpetuating your racism.