Linguistic Privilege Eradicated-He Says He Isn't Racist

Thanks Macon D for keeping me informed on this.

Is this is what as meant as true equality? This man proudly proclaims he uses the n-word and put it on a sign to show his disdain of the Healthcare Plan. He is protected under free speech, and per the county he lives in, nothing can be done about this sign because of the 1st Amendment. He says he is doing this in dissent of the President's plan, not the President. He does not agree with healthcare reform. I guess this was the best way to vocalize this. He claims he isn't racist, he just uses the N-word. He is also a card carrying member of the NAACP. He also has a mannequin dressed in a Klan Robe inside of his restaurant. If you chose, you can go to their website, where the restaurant is labeled as a "The Original Klan, Klam, & Oyster Bar." Also interesting is the front of their menu indicates "We Cater To Hangins." I've recently had discussions on the n-word here and here. Primarily in response to someone who feels that equality cannot be reached because whites don't have the linguistic privilege that blacks have to use the n-word. Oh and Affirmative Action is a double standard for whites even though white women and other minorities aside from blacks benefit from it. I should also note the owner of this establishment often hosts Klan rallies. Even though this sign might be considered appalling, this isn't his first sign to stir up controversy. Here are some examples of others, some complete with matching Negroes participating in such buffoonery:

Now that whites openly feel comfortable using the n-word without feeling using the n-word is racist, has equality been reached?