As Long As You're Cute And Can SANG, Domestic Violence Is The Fault Of The Victim

I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I've been away for a few days, but I'm back. I was able to moderate comments and tweet from my phone, so I know this is late, but I had to discuss it.

This is Rihanna sharing her account of what happened between her and Chris Brown. Chris Brown responds to the interview. In the defense of Chris Brown, he at least owned up to what he did. He didn't make excuses or try to play it off like Rihanna is to blame for the situation.

Now let's go to the fans. I can say I'm not a fan of either. I am a bit old for Rihanna and Chris Brown. Now when the story first came out, the first thing folks wanted to say is let's get both sides, as if there is a legitimate reason for beating the hell out of a woman. The police department got enough of both sides to arrest Chris' ass. The pictures of Rihanna's face show what Chris did, but we still want to hear both sides of the story? Then we got the "Rihanna must have done something to Chris" first argument. That she was pushing him mentally or physically and he just snapped. Apparently abuse is ok, if you are pushed to do it.

Now I understand good music or being a fan of someone will cause you to overlook abuse, but honestly, why now is it that Chris Brown fans are going around hating on Rihanna as if she is the cause for all of his issues? You know I was on twitter, and the comments from the Chris Brown fans are crazy and make no sense to me. I understand you like Chris' music, but what did Rihanna do to you? Maybe his fans enjoy beat downs or think domestic abuse is ok as long as you have a good album?

Oh yeah, I forgot, when it comes to situations between black women and black men, black women are always at fault.