Hugging Is Sinful?-Christians Yall Need To Get Your Folks Off The Stage

Christian Side Hug from The Fathers House on Vimeo.

I've never known it to be considered sinful to hug in the traditional sense. Like this:

I might give you the side eye if you hug like this:

::Warning might not be safe for work::

::giving you scroll warning::

It might not be right, but if you are greased down and hugging, I just find that sexual. Otherwise, I never thought of hugs in general to be sexual. They can be sexual, but when I hug my momma, my daddy, and sometimes even my husband, sex isn't entering my mind.

I'm curious about this video, why are there gun shots and an ambulance in the song. Why is it cool to be considered a "rough rider", as I thought Ruff Ryders disappeared circa 1998.

Are rabbis and priests excluded from this rule of no front hugging? What are these folks thinking if their aunt hugs them at Thanksgiving dinner, does it really give them impure thoughts?

Does Angelina Jolie buy babies? Is it a diss to adopt children now? I didn't know it was out of vogue to adopt, I will tell my parents next time I talk to them.

Did anyone notice the boo as Obama's name is mentioned, because we all know he's the anti-christ. Also I don't quit understand why folks are mentioning the Democratic shift in the Congress. I mean what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

I didn't know Jesus thought hugs were sinful either.

What this video taught me, co-opting thug and hip hop culture, getting shot, and side hugs are ok; but regular full frontal hugs and adoption are completely evil.

I'm a nasty heffa I guess. I hug folks all the time.