I'm A Horrible Blogger

I'm sure many people would agree with that. They think I must suck complete ass. I'm a sucky blogger because as of late, I've been lazy. I'm uninspired. I'm running out of ideas. I'm also extremely hormonal (thanks p17 shots) and stuck on bed rest until my due date. I'm not set to deliver this child until March. I've been in the hospital. I might be going back, so yeah I'm sucking right now. This baby better love me. Between the surgery, hospitalization, weekly ass shots, and bed rest, I'm going a bit crazy. This child better stick around.

I promise I will try to improve on my piss poor blogging as of late. In the mean time, anyone have any books to recommend. In particular books on history, religion (a comparative analysis, not the religious texts themselves), or political theory. I'm currently reading a book on Ayn Rand. I can't stand the heffa or her philosophy, but I find it an interesting read.