The Terrorist Talk Comes Out

This is the Larry King Show discussing the horrible events that happened at Fort Hood. This was before they had much information on the shooter, and most of the information given was speculative.

Notice Shoshana Johnson challenges Tom Keniff, and he is quick to question her experience and authority, but not Dr. Phil. She is a POW of the Iraq War. She was shot in the ankle and held captive from March 25, 2003 to April 13, 2003 . She has PTSD. She and Dr. Phil agreed that using the shooter's last name (Nidal Malik Hasan) to determine if this was a terrorist act was irresponsible. It was, we have no proof he had any ties to any extremist Islamic groups.

I find it odd that Tom Keniff was quick to say he was a veteran of the Iraq War, and then question if Ms. Johnson had ever been to Iraq.

I wasn't surprised her authority was questioned by this man, it seems typical that whenever you are a woman, in particular a woman of color, this is the norm in the workplace and in schools. He assumed she was just a low level no one, who had no idea what was going on. It turns out she had more credibility than him.

I also find it odd that whenever a Muslim person commits a crime, it is assumed it is an act of terrorism, but he isn't the first soldier to shoot fellow soldiers at a military base. We should also note that Hasan is an American born citizen. What he did was horrible, but why must we put racial stereotypes on his motives? What motives did Dean Mellberg have? Or Timothy McVeigh? What was the motive of a fellow soldier killing five other soldiers earlier this year in Camp Liberty, Iraq? Did their last names make it any easier to speculate the motives of their horrible acts?