Nightline Reinforces Stereotypes Of Lonely Black Women

Thanks to Kenichea for showing me this video.

Nightline just did a "poor black woman are lonely and single" story. I just LOVE these. I decided to provide a summary:

I love how we break down the numbers of black men, and we show the quintessential single black women professional and all her lonely single professional black friends.

Then we have Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a relationship expert. I guess being a comedian and being married three times makes for great relationship advice. Steve informs us that black women don't need to settle, but rather compromise (read black women need to settle, we're just saying it differently this time).

Then the story completely brushes over interracial dating and pretend that isn't an option at all, as no non-black man will bring you home to his mother. Hell the non-black man who isn't willing to bring you home to his mother, isn't a man worth dating, move on to the next one. That's a whole different blog posting.

So we see Steve Harvey again, this time his advice to all the single professional black women at the table is to get them an old black man. Thanks Steve, we all want a daddy to protect us.

Now that we've solved the single black woman crisis by supplying them with geriatric black men, the race will continue to live on.


If you can't tell, I really don't like these stories. It makes black women, even choice ones seem desperate, lonely, and eager to get a man. Then black women are always told we must "compromise" or "settle". Then we are told we are not coveted and no man of any race really wants us or is willing to date us.

What a confidence booster. It makes me feel good to know even the cream of the crop black women are down trodden and desperate.

Thanks Nightline for reinforcing stereotypes.


Will white men use you?

It's often been said by comments on this blog that for white men they typically don't approach black women because they think black women are not interested. This video seems to indicate though if a woman pursues a man, especially a man of a different race, she will get rejected. I think she is also saying that black men have an advantage in the interracial dating game because men are typically the pursuers, where as women are expected to wait to be pursued.

This brings up some issues. If you actually show an interest in a man, is this a turn off to the man? Or if you actually pursue a man, does that mean you will end up used? If a black woman pursues a white man or any non black man, will she get rejected, or does this apply to men of any race?


Do You Think We Could Ever Go Back To This?

This is some vintage Sesame Street. Jesse Jackson back in the 1970s before he made a complete ass of his self telling children no matter their race, income, or social standing that they are important. The fact that Jesse even mentioned race and the fact Jesse Jackson was even on the show, would cause a big public outcry as pedaling reverse racism to white people and indoctrinating our children into socialism and marxist beliefs.

Hey at least I have this to watch:

Jesse Jackson Reads Seuss - Click here for more blooper videos


Why The "Current War On Christmas" Proves The Media Can't Be Trusted

I'm sure everyone has heard about the "War On Christmas." You know, "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season" and "You can't take the Christ out of Christmas," or that if you use Xmas instead of Christmas, you are taking Christ out of Christmas. You should also know I'm a Godless liberal/communist/socialist heathen. Because being liberal means you can't be religious, only Godless. It's true because Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck tells us so. The media also tells us that "political correctness" has taken over. We are all living in fear and it's all the fault of the liberals and PC police. Or so people want you to think. I lost faith in our media a long time ago, but it seems things are getting worse and there are less sources of reliable information out there because now we have media trying to compete with Twitter and Facebook instead of actually doing something like finding out the truth.

A few weeks ago I caught Bill O'Reilly. He was upset at the evil liberals spreading their anti-Christian agenda. The American Humanist Association hates baby Jesus and runs down religion because they say you can be a good person without being religious. I will post the ad:

I will also post Bill O'Reilly's response. It doesn't seem all that fair and balanced to me. Isn't that what Fox news is all about?

I missed in the ad where baby Jesus and Christians were run down. Why is proclaiming you don't believe in God an affront to Christmas or Christianity. Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. It's estimated Jesus was born in September. When we celebrate Christmas now falls on the old winter festival of Yule or Yule-Tide.

Now the new outrage. A kid was suspended from school for drawing Jesus. At least that is what his dad said. Comments turned to blaming the left, political correctness, and the evils of diversity. Being accepting of other cultures is an insult to America. Thank Glenn Beck and your coded words of "special interest" and "us vs. them" arguments. A boy drew Jesus on the cross, and per his father he was suspended for the picture and given a psychiatric evaluation. All because his teacher asked him to draw a Christmas picture. Another assault on Christianity.

Then the school came out with a rebuttal to the story. Apparently the picture the media is plastering all over the place is not the picture that got the kid in trouble. He also was never suspended. The teacher never gave an assignment about Christmas. Now the father is backpedaling and unable to return calls.

The media plastered this story all over the place yesterday, but the response from the school seems to be overlooked by the media themselves and the readers. I wonder why?

This is why for the conservatives who say the mainstream media is biased have no leg to stand on. This is why our news industry is failing. Facts no longer matter, you make sure you get the people riled up, even without merit.


Caster Semenya They Still Don't Know

I've written about Caster Semenya before here and here. I find it odd that people provided links proving she was a man and indicating she was had to be a man because she is ugly, but yet major newspapers around the world couldn't confirm it. As of November, we still don't know. The IAFF doesn't want to make the results public,but it has been shown that Semenya will get to keep her medal and her prize money, and as it stands right now in the race that set off this whole mess, she ran as a woman. But, I will still get folks proclaiming this woman is a man, and have no problems with the way this whole case, which should have been private, was completely given trashy tabloid treatment all over the world.

South African Runner’s Sex-Verification Result Won’t Be Public
Published: November 19, 2009
One of the most public and controversial cases of sex verification in sports has apparently been resolved, at least in part, but the answers to some important questions have not been made public.

Fabrice Coffrini/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
A woman protested outside the International Olympic Committee’s headquarters in Switzerland on Thursday.
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Anja Niedringhaus/Associated Press
Caster Semenya won the 800-meter gold medal at the world championships in Berlin.
South Africa’s sports ministry said in a statement Thursday that Caster Semenya, 18, the world champion 800-meter runner, had reached an agreement with track and field’s world governing body to keep the gold medal and prize money she won at the world championships in August.

Most notably, however, the sports ministry did not say whether Semenya would be allowed to continue to compete as a woman. The statement also did not disclose the results of sex-verification tests she had undergone.

“As such, there will be no public announcement of what the panel of scientists has found,” the sports ministry said. “We urge all South Africans and other people to respect this professional, ethical and moral way of doing things.”

Semenya, who attends the University of Pretoria, could not be reached for comment. Her coach, Michael Seme, said in a telephone interview from Pretoria that Semenya “is going to compete as a woman and will remain a woman until she dies.”

Asked whether Semenya had been cleared to compete as a woman without further testing or surgery, Seme said: “I don’t want to talk about that. The only thing I want to say is that I’m happy Caster will retain her title as the fastest 800-meter runner in the world. The most important thing when you are an athlete is to get your medal.”

Disputes in sports over athletes’ sex are rare, and perhaps never has such a case been as volatile as the one that emerged at the world championships, when it became apparent how unprepared her sport was to handle cases of athletes who may have both male and female characteristics.

As Semenya posted the fastest time of the year in the 800 meters, track officials said they had begun sex verification testing on her, but South African officials said that they were blindsided by the claims and insulted that officials had disclosed such private information.

In September, Leonard Chuene, president of Athletics South Africa, apologized for denying knowledge of the sex tests done on Semenya in his country, saying he had hoped to protect her privacy.

After Semenya won the world title, international track officials ordered more tests, saying questions had been raised about her muscular physique and drastic improvement.

Chuene said that tests had been conducted at a Pretoria hospital on Aug. 7 at the behest of track and field’s Monaco-based governing body governing body, the I.A.A.F. Chuene has said that despite medical advice from one of South Africa’s top sports medical officials, he refused to withdraw Semenya from the competition in Berlin because the results of the tests were not yet known.

Athletics South Africa said last month that it had suspended Chuene and the rest of his board.

Sex-determination testing was once obligatory for female athletes at the Olympics because of persistent allegations that some competitors were not really women. Sanctions are very rare. One case came at the 2006 Asian Games, where a middle-distance runner, Santhi Soundarajan of India, was stripped of a silver medal after failing a verification test.

The sex-determination testing was phased out in 1999 because of concerns about inequities. The testing is now reserved for specific cases in Olympic sports.

The testing done on Semenya takes weeks to complete. It requires a physical medical evaluation, and includes reports from a gynecologist, an endocrinologist, a psychologist, an internal medicine specialist and an expert on gender. The effort, coordinated by Dr. Harold Adams, a South African on the I.A.A.F. medical panel, was conducted at hospitals in Berlin and South Africa.

It is unclear what the exact threshold is, in the eyes of the I.A.A.F., for a female athlete’s being ineligible to compete as a woman.

“The implications of the scientific findings on Caster’s health and life going forward will be analyzed by Caster and she will make her own decision on her future,” the sports ministry said. “Whatever she decides, ours is to respect her decision.”

The I.A.A.F., did not immediately respond to the statement made by the South African sports ministry. The statement had been expected to be issued next week.

The South African sports ministry said it had asked for an apology from the I.A.A.F., which denied leaking information about Semenya, but responded, “It is deeply regrettable that information of a confidential matter entered the public domain.”

Makhenkesi Stofile, South Africa’s sports minister, described Semenya as excited about the apparent resolution of her case, according to the South African Press Association.

“She will roll with the punches,” Stofile told the press association. “In my view, Caster Semenya’s future is in her hands. She can decide to run as a woman, which she is.”


The Tiger Woods/Rihanna Comparison

I knew this was going to happen. I just didn't think so many people would grasp on to it as gospel truth. They think that there is a double standard in domestic violence situations, with men on the losing end of the stick, and Tiger Wood's incident is proof of that. The question we are now hearing is where are the activists now?

Even though I agree there is a double standard in how domestic violence is treated, depending on the victim's gender. This isn't the case.

Let's look at the facts of each case.

Let's start with Tiger:

No one was arrested, the only thing given so far is a ticket to Tiger for careless driving.

Both Tiger and his wife, Elin are hush,hush about their "personal matter"

We haven't seen Tiger's injuries to his face and don't know if they came from the accident or elsewhere.

Now let's look at Rihanna:

Chris Brown was arrested.

Both Rihanna and Chris admit domestic violence did happen.

We have pictures of Rihanna's injuries.

I don't know how we can compare the two, except that for some, Tiger is the more "innocent victim" than Rihanna. Tiger has admitted to some "transgressions" that impacted his marriage. The extent of these transgressions are unknown.

Per many fans of Chris Brown, Rihanna pushed Chris Brown and he could take no more. She might have given him an STD, or she was cheating on him, or she started arguing with him because he got a phone call from another woman. None of these things have been proven, no one has admitted anything of the sort.

Even if Rihanna gave him herpes, talked about his momma, and had a three way between two men right in front of him, there is no justification for the injuries she received from Chris Brown. Even if she hit back, if he hit first, he is the one going to jail in most states. That's just how it typically works.

For some reason though, with those considering this a double standard, with admitted "transgressions", Tiger was the innocent one and Elin had no right to hit him. Which is true. The problem is in this scenario, we don't know what happened.

Now another thing I don't understand is Rihanna released an album and had the audacity to talk about her experience, which to some meant she was exploiting her experience. Women write bestselling books all the time alleging abuse, and they don't do it as therapy. They do it for money. How do we know she wasn't working on that album or scheduled to work on that album before the incident. She started recording the album in March of 2009, the incident occurred February 2009. Maybe the production and song writing started a mere month before the accident, so why are you upset she is promoting her album?

Let's talk about domestic violence against men. It is more common than we care to admit. Apparently 76 out of 1,000 males are victims of physical assault and/or rape by their spouses. It is also known that men are less likely to identify their attacker. Those are sad numbers, no person regardless of gender should be assaulted or beaten by their partner, and no one should excuse such behavior.

Yes, the number of women being victims of domestic abuse is higher, which is why in our society when we see domestic abuse, it is a woman that comes to mind, not to mention in our society there are strict gender roles. Women are supposed to be the weaker sex, men, at least men back in the day were told never to hit girls. I think this is changing looking at the reactions about Rihanna on twitter.

So yes, there is a double standard when it comes to men and women and domestic violence, but this isn't the case with the comparisons being made to Tiger Woods and Rihanna.

I also find it odd with the Rihanna and Chris Brown case, we were supposed to wait for the facts outside the picture and the arrest, but with Tiger, we are to go full steam ahead about what happened.

Case and point:

Thanks Mr. NoFace for this one.


Why R-Uh?????

I want you all to listen to this song. Listen carefully. I know the demographic of this blog doesn't need to be told this, but just in case, I will give this warning: IF A MAN COMES UP TO YOU AND INDICATES THAT HE WANTS TO GET YOU PREGNANT BECAUSE HE THINKS YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE, RUN FAR AWAY FROM HIM.

Now I was done with R. Kelly by the mid 1990s when a woman reminded him of a Jeep.

I was even more done with him peeing on kids.

I just wish this man would go away.