Nightline Reinforces Stereotypes Of Lonely Black Women

Thanks to Kenichea for showing me this video.

Nightline just did a "poor black woman are lonely and single" story. I just LOVE these. I decided to provide a summary:

I love how we break down the numbers of black men, and we show the quintessential single black women professional and all her lonely single professional black friends.

Then we have Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a relationship expert. I guess being a comedian and being married three times makes for great relationship advice. Steve informs us that black women don't need to settle, but rather compromise (read black women need to settle, we're just saying it differently this time).

Then the story completely brushes over interracial dating and pretend that isn't an option at all, as no non-black man will bring you home to his mother. Hell the non-black man who isn't willing to bring you home to his mother, isn't a man worth dating, move on to the next one. That's a whole different blog posting.

So we see Steve Harvey again, this time his advice to all the single professional black women at the table is to get them an old black man. Thanks Steve, we all want a daddy to protect us.

Now that we've solved the single black woman crisis by supplying them with geriatric black men, the race will continue to live on.


If you can't tell, I really don't like these stories. It makes black women, even choice ones seem desperate, lonely, and eager to get a man. Then black women are always told we must "compromise" or "settle". Then we are told we are not coveted and no man of any race really wants us or is willing to date us.

What a confidence booster. It makes me feel good to know even the cream of the crop black women are down trodden and desperate.

Thanks Nightline for reinforcing stereotypes.