The Tiger Woods/Rihanna Comparison

I knew this was going to happen. I just didn't think so many people would grasp on to it as gospel truth. They think that there is a double standard in domestic violence situations, with men on the losing end of the stick, and Tiger Wood's incident is proof of that. The question we are now hearing is where are the activists now?

Even though I agree there is a double standard in how domestic violence is treated, depending on the victim's gender. This isn't the case.

Let's look at the facts of each case.

Let's start with Tiger:

No one was arrested, the only thing given so far is a ticket to Tiger for careless driving.

Both Tiger and his wife, Elin are hush,hush about their "personal matter"

We haven't seen Tiger's injuries to his face and don't know if they came from the accident or elsewhere.

Now let's look at Rihanna:

Chris Brown was arrested.

Both Rihanna and Chris admit domestic violence did happen.

We have pictures of Rihanna's injuries.

I don't know how we can compare the two, except that for some, Tiger is the more "innocent victim" than Rihanna. Tiger has admitted to some "transgressions" that impacted his marriage. The extent of these transgressions are unknown.

Per many fans of Chris Brown, Rihanna pushed Chris Brown and he could take no more. She might have given him an STD, or she was cheating on him, or she started arguing with him because he got a phone call from another woman. None of these things have been proven, no one has admitted anything of the sort.

Even if Rihanna gave him herpes, talked about his momma, and had a three way between two men right in front of him, there is no justification for the injuries she received from Chris Brown. Even if she hit back, if he hit first, he is the one going to jail in most states. That's just how it typically works.

For some reason though, with those considering this a double standard, with admitted "transgressions", Tiger was the innocent one and Elin had no right to hit him. Which is true. The problem is in this scenario, we don't know what happened.

Now another thing I don't understand is Rihanna released an album and had the audacity to talk about her experience, which to some meant she was exploiting her experience. Women write bestselling books all the time alleging abuse, and they don't do it as therapy. They do it for money. How do we know she wasn't working on that album or scheduled to work on that album before the incident. She started recording the album in March of 2009, the incident occurred February 2009. Maybe the production and song writing started a mere month before the accident, so why are you upset she is promoting her album?

Let's talk about domestic violence against men. It is more common than we care to admit. Apparently 76 out of 1,000 males are victims of physical assault and/or rape by their spouses. It is also known that men are less likely to identify their attacker. Those are sad numbers, no person regardless of gender should be assaulted or beaten by their partner, and no one should excuse such behavior.

Yes, the number of women being victims of domestic abuse is higher, which is why in our society when we see domestic abuse, it is a woman that comes to mind, not to mention in our society there are strict gender roles. Women are supposed to be the weaker sex, men, at least men back in the day were told never to hit girls. I think this is changing looking at the reactions about Rihanna on twitter.

So yes, there is a double standard when it comes to men and women and domestic violence, but this isn't the case with the comparisons being made to Tiger Woods and Rihanna.

I also find it odd with the Rihanna and Chris Brown case, we were supposed to wait for the facts outside the picture and the arrest, but with Tiger, we are to go full steam ahead about what happened.

Case and point:

Thanks Mr. NoFace for this one.