Why The "Current War On Christmas" Proves The Media Can't Be Trusted

I'm sure everyone has heard about the "War On Christmas." You know, "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season" and "You can't take the Christ out of Christmas," or that if you use Xmas instead of Christmas, you are taking Christ out of Christmas. You should also know I'm a Godless liberal/communist/socialist heathen. Because being liberal means you can't be religious, only Godless. It's true because Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck tells us so. The media also tells us that "political correctness" has taken over. We are all living in fear and it's all the fault of the liberals and PC police. Or so people want you to think. I lost faith in our media a long time ago, but it seems things are getting worse and there are less sources of reliable information out there because now we have media trying to compete with Twitter and Facebook instead of actually doing something like finding out the truth.

A few weeks ago I caught Bill O'Reilly. He was upset at the evil liberals spreading their anti-Christian agenda. The American Humanist Association hates baby Jesus and runs down religion because they say you can be a good person without being religious. I will post the ad:

I will also post Bill O'Reilly's response. It doesn't seem all that fair and balanced to me. Isn't that what Fox news is all about?

I missed in the ad where baby Jesus and Christians were run down. Why is proclaiming you don't believe in God an affront to Christmas or Christianity. Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. It's estimated Jesus was born in September. When we celebrate Christmas now falls on the old winter festival of Yule or Yule-Tide.

Now the new outrage. A kid was suspended from school for drawing Jesus. At least that is what his dad said. Comments turned to blaming the left, political correctness, and the evils of diversity. Being accepting of other cultures is an insult to America. Thank Glenn Beck and your coded words of "special interest" and "us vs. them" arguments. A boy drew Jesus on the cross, and per his father he was suspended for the picture and given a psychiatric evaluation. All because his teacher asked him to draw a Christmas picture. Another assault on Christianity.

Then the school came out with a rebuttal to the story. Apparently the picture the media is plastering all over the place is not the picture that got the kid in trouble. He also was never suspended. The teacher never gave an assignment about Christmas. Now the father is backpedaling and unable to return calls.

The media plastered this story all over the place yesterday, but the response from the school seems to be overlooked by the media themselves and the readers. I wonder why?

This is why for the conservatives who say the mainstream media is biased have no leg to stand on. This is why our news industry is failing. Facts no longer matter, you make sure you get the people riled up, even without merit.