Precious Revisited-Book Vs. Trailer


A week or two back, I blogged about the trailer for the new film Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Now I had read the book a while back ago, but I was foggy about details, so I decided to re-read the book. It took me all of four hours to read the book and that was with me cooking dinner and eating. The book is that good. One thing I noticed in the comments of my previous post was some of the concerns of the movie. The light skin vs. dark skin components of the trailer. The fact that Precious in the trailer is being told by her teacher her baby loves her. That folks are hoping for a happy ending. The concern about her weight. Re-reading the book has me wanting to talk about a lot of things that can be relayed in the real world. I might have quite a few blog posts on the book.

I guess the first thing I will address in terms of the movie vs the book is the light skin vs. dark skin dynamic. In the book Precious is very color conscious, there is no doubt, but in the movie the teacher is a light skinned woman. The book she is not light skinned, and Precious makes it known she is not Paula Patton colored. Precious does have a serious concern about skin color. I have a feeling with the way casting went down, just from looking at the trailer, this issue will be glossed over. In terms of the social worker or Mariah Carrey character, the character was actually from what I gather from the trailer, a white woman in the book. So that isn't much of a stretch, considering Mariah is biracial. I think her dad is half black, but her mother is a white woman.

In terms of the teacher telling Precious her baby loves her in the trailer. I know it is horrible to say that to a teen, but in Precious' life, you have to look for any and every bright spot, for Precious her baby is a bright spot, no matter how that baby came to be born into this world. So I understand it, I don't think of it as a negative, and in the context of the book, it is understandable why this scene is considered a touching and poignant spot of the movie (or at least the trailer).

I will say this, if the movie goes with the book, you will not see Precious lose 200 pounds and become a supermodel. This ain't that kind of book. I honestly don't think it will be that kind of movie. This book is really, really gritty. I cringe reading some of the parts, even knowing what goes on, I wonder how some of these scenes will translate in the movie. The book isn't a feel good book.

In terms of her weight. It is important, it is reflective, and it ties into her whole entire life. She couldn't be played by Naomi Campbell, or Kerri Washington, or another actress who is tiny and skinny. Precious is a big girl, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, even though the movie and book does not seem to be duplicates of each other, both appear to have some great merits. I think just from looking at the trailer, this will be breakthrough roles for both Mo'Nique and for the actress playing Precious, Gabourey Sidibe.


Just To Make Sure You Know-I'm Black

Happy Memorial Day!!!!


Jeff Buckley-Everybody Here Wants You/V The TV Show

I decided to start the Friday night party early. I have been in a Jeff Buckley mood, and I just love this song. This video is fairly new, I was surprised to see it as Jeff Buckley hasn't released anything since 1998. He died over ten years ago. The man was genius.

Of course I have to do the most famous Buckley song Hallelujah:

Yes Rufus Wainwright and countless others have done this song. Even Buckley's was a cover. Yes it was in Shrek.


ABC is going to have V the Mini Series. Yes this V:

But it will obviously be updated:


I'm poor, black, I may even be ugly; but dear God, I'm Here! I'm Here!

Look at you; you're black, you're poor, you're ugly, you're a woman. You're nothing at all.

-Mister, The Color Purple

Now for all you folks who have not seen or read the Color Purple. SHAME ON YOU!!!! That movie is wonderful, and I think within it, you will see the dynamics and animosity that some black men and black women have towards each other. The animosity that still exists to this day.

Mister to me represent the black men who fall under the "black women ain't shit" category. These are the same men who always want to point out that 70% of black women are single, but fail to mention that 65% of black men are single. The ones who believe that black women are loud, rude, fat, fake, and only want thugs. The ones who exalt white or non-black women as the only choice for good eligible black men.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of men like this in the black community, and they along with the black women who believe "black men ain't shit" are what is wrong with our community.

These men have fallen victim to "keeping up with the Jones'". They want the "traditional" roles of men and women, but they don't realize they aren't part of the tradition. Much like black women have a hard time relating to the feminist movement, these same men don't realize they can't adhere to the traditional roles that existed within white america. Our roles since we have been here in America are vastly different.

Slavery was a bitch, there is no nice way to say that. Slavery was not only a cruel, barbaric practice, it is why the black family has suffered even to this day. The value of keeping families together was never emphasized by the folks who owned us. It was good for them, but not for us, as we were just livestock. Daddy, momma, and the children could all be sold off at any time. It wasn't that Daddy, or momma, and the kids wanted to go off, they had no choice, and like we always have done, we just kept moving on, we adjusted. Even once slavery was over, the opportunities for both black men and women were bleak, and even when we were able to keep our families together, the gender roles didn't equate to the roles of our white American counterparts. We both had to work outside the home, there was no woman stay home and take care of the kids in the majority of black households for a very long time, but the division of labor was split. Everyone worked, everyone helped raise the kids (not just mother and fathers, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors). We still managed to marry and we still managed to work it out, even in these non traditional roles.

The start of the modern downfall was a little bit of everything. It has become all the rage to refer to marriage as simply a "piece of paper". Men and women of all ages are waiting later and later to get married. More people are opting not to get married at all. This isn't just black folks, but folks of all races here in America. People are slowing down the number of children they have. More women of all races are becoming educated and entering the professional work force, and the concept of marriage for financial stability has fallen to the wayside for the most part. Then in the low income black community there is the issue of welfare. The way the system exists now benefits single mothers, but married folks or men inside the home hinders the benefits available to you. This is where you see the increase of single black mothers raising black children all alone without a black male figure. For some who see this, and this is the norm for a child, when they get older,they will assume that is how things work. The belief will and has become you don't need a man to raise a family, and men who see this think they have no obligation to be in a family. The cycle has started, and it looks like there is no end in sight.

Within the black community we then have this belief system that due to our legacy of slavery, racism, and oppression in this country, we must protect the black men who were victims of this, as it appears they had it worse than black women, and even though black women suffered right along side with black men, our role is to support them come hell or high water. Los Angelista did a great post on this a while back. This has been a double edged sword for us. On one hand, since black women have kind have been on our own, many of us have become educated and hit the work force full throttle, more so than black men on average. The downfall of this, is this educational and professional success comes with backlash, which is why now we have the "black women ain't shit" brigade popping up all over the place.

These men use fear tactics and stats to prove "black women ain't shit". 70% of black women aren't married. True, but 65% of black men aren't married. The white, asian, and hispanic women are still the majority of time marrying folks of the same race, just like black folks are. Most black women are overweight. Welcome to America, most women of all races are overweight, for that matter so are most men. So we all have a little work to do in terms of eating right and going to the gym. Black women are fake with our hair, contacts, and nails. Most women are fake. How many natural blondes exist in America? I don't have fake boobs, or a nose job, or even a fake booty. I'm guilty of wearing make up. I'm guilty of wearing bras that "lift and separate" to give the illusion of perky DDs (which naturally does not occur all that often). Most black women want thugs. Just because you as a black man made a bad decision and dated a fool that left you, does not mean we are all fools. Why are you attracted to women who like thugs? Are you a thug?

Black women are well aware of their status in American society. It appears our status is changing. As we become more educated and more successful we will mainstream ourselves into society. Yes, that even means dating men who it has been told by us many a time that "don't want us". Some of us will marry those "who don't want us". Some of us will continue to marry good black men, and have wonderful black families. It scares the hell out the "black women ain't shit" brigade, and it should, as it shows that some of us black women know we are the shit, and we don't believe the hype the "black women ain't shit" brigade is blowing up our collective asses.


How You Know I Am Old

If you can't tell I am old, I am getting hip hop knowledge from blogs. I went over to Roslyn's and she had a pic of Jimmy from Degrassi.

Not this Degrassi, the one I watched in junior high and high school:

But this Degrassi:

Look at Jimmy:

Now look at DRAKE (the guy who played Jimmy):

He is going to bring back the light skinned boy with good hair trend that was so prevalent in the 80s. He is so the next Al B. Sure!

Now Listen to Him:

::edited to add R.I.P. Pimp C, UGK & Bun B 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Texan it is law I do this shout out since Bun B is featured on this song::

Another way I can tell I am old, I recognized this song as the sample in the song noted above. I remember watching this on MTV as a kid:


Feeling Guilty I Want To See Precious

I want to see this even though I saw some scary things like Tyler Perry, Oprah, Mo'Nique, and Mariah Carey. The stereotypes seem to abound, but I want to see it anyway. It is based on the book Push by Sapphire.


3rd Reich History Month

I was again over at Rippa's blog, when I saw this genius comment from this person.

I think every part of this country has something unique and fucked up about it. I live in Virginia now and what gets me is how muthfuckas act like the South won the fucking war. There is Civil War shit everywhere in Virginia. You go to Germany and you won't find them celebrating Adolph Hitler Day. But in Virginia, they celebrate Confederate Heroes! What's heroic about owning human beings like they were pets?

He is on point. Seriously, I live in Texas. Everyone is southern and proud, religious, and patriotic, except me. I am the weirdo. I am proud to be a southerner, but I don't rejoice in losing the Civil War or living in a confederate state. I am proud to be a southerner, don't get me wrong though.

"Texas is the home of the players and pimps
Showin naked ass in the great state of Texas
Third coast born, that mean we're Texas raised
Texas mother f&*@*$ that's where I stay!!!!"

Thank you Paul Wall and let me do my obligatory R.I.P. DJ Screw and Pimp C. Shout out to Swishahouse!!!!!!!! I have never showed naked ass in the great state of Texas though.  I think I dated Paul Wall's twin at a dark time in my life. There is also a shout out to William's Chicken in the song. If you don't know about William's Chicken, it is the best, and I think it is law that you must have gold teeth in order to serve the chicken at this establishment. Nuff Said. I digress.

I love Texas, it is the only home I know. I know it is flawed, but it isn't all that bad. The KKK doesn't chase you down daily, nor is the n-word thrown at you all that often. I won't deny it hasn't happened though. Yes I know everyone except me is a republican, but even the republicans can be nice at times, we just don't bring up politics.

For some reason though many a Texan want to relive the good old days of the Confederacy. They want to wave their flags, put them on their trucks, they want to recreate the civil war, but with an alternate ending. They want to believe Sam Houston was indeed the President of the United States of America. But I think these folks forget the south lost the Civil War, Texas lost at the Alamo, and that the Yellow Rose of Texas was not a blonde haired white woman but a half black and half white woman.

Emily West Morgan aka the "Yellow Rose of Texas" was an "indentured servant" forced to serve a 99-year contract. Yeah she was a slave. A slave that per legend basically ratted out Santa Ana and the Mexican Army to protect her master. She was by all accounts fighting to keep herself in slavery for the sake of Texas' independence, who was fighting Mexico because Texans were mad they outlawed slavery. Her master was impressed and supposedly freed her, but there is no record of her getting freed. Ain't that some shit. Again, I digress. Yall know you wanted to know the history of Paul Wall, Williams Chicken, and Emily West Morgan.

Too many want to embrace the whole "Texican" culture, some of us believe we are our own country, and we just tolerate being part of the United States. Personally I put country before state, but that is just me, and I sure ain't taking the side of folks who would have me as slaves or who embraces segregation under the guise of "states rights". Call me crazy. We also like the idea of living in the Wild West doing our own thing. I like modern technology and I like being part of a cohesive unit. I sure as hell like having a black President. It is a nice change of pace. Still waiting to get a black governor in Texas, but that will never, ever happen. You see we got folks trying to secede mad because they got a black man running things, and we would have an assassination attempt if the governor of Texas was a black man. As you know, we all got guns down here. I think we would have to use a Dave Chappelle strategy if we get a black governor; he has to get a Mexican Lieutenant Governor so the threat of assassination is lowered.

Germany I am sure during Hitler's reign had something, maybe one thing positive going for it, but they don't have 3rd Reich month to celebrate these things do they? Per my husband's family, over there they act as if Hitler was a fictional character and doesn't exist. You don't say his name, just like Beetlejuice.

Do they have "Hiter Youth" reunions or holidays to celebrate and preserve German Heritage? Or Sturmabteilung and Schutzstaffel week?

In Germany is "Throw The Jew Down The Well" the unofficial song of the country?

I have to wonder being a black southerner, if my southern heritage goes beyond the civil war, why can't those who embrace the confederacy? The Civil War doesn't equate into my pride as a southerner. So why do those who embrace the confederacy not have pride beyond the war that represents slavery, murder, and loss? Why embrace a flag or symbol that represents oppression? Is that all white southern heritage has to offer? I sincerely hope not, and I don't think it does. Shouldn't we have Union Soldiers remembered as they were Americans and not people who fought to leave the union? How patriotic is that?


Is 911 A Joke

She was talking to an actual police officer. That is what makes this scary


Can you tell me what the hell is wrong with this woman?

Is it the fact she is booty popping buck naked in front of the camera that gets me mad? Or is it the fact the she has her kid in the room, giggling as she booty pops butt naked while creating her own mouth music?

I am wondering who the intended audience was for this tape, and what man is thinking this is sexy as hell, is the giggling toddler not a turn off for most men?

What is even more pathetic is the toddler knew his momma was wrong for what she was doing and immediately picked up the camera for his momma's protection, but her dumb ass couldn't be helped and she managed to look like a damn fool anyway.

True Colors

Macon D as per usual has a great post on this.


Can you be a person of morals without religion?

Yes, it is Saturday night, and I am posting. I know I have no life, but I did manage to go to see the movie Wolverine and I think avoided swine flu today. I also went to the Apple store to fix a key that this monster managed to destroy with his big funky old paw.

Anyway, as most of you know, I am faithless. I am not a big fan of organized religion, but I am not offended at someone's belief system or faith.This morning I went to a blog from a conservative black women. I have written about my opinions before about black conservatives, so you know I probably will disagree with her. I did. But the post isn't actually about that, but rather the belief that as a non believers, people cannot be morally good.

I guess I was frustrated because this conservative woman, told a man, a man with a great blog, that because she assumed him agnostic, she couldn't hold him to the same standards as a Christian. This belief that good can only come from religion bothers me. I would like to think that the tenets of the Bible are for the greater good of man, but I would also like to think that man or woman is capable of discerning good or evil without aid of the Bible. I know that helping people versus hurting people is good, not because the Bible tells me so, but because I know I would want someone to help, rather than harm me. I would also like to think I wouldn't need to tell me that murder or adultery is wrong because I know I wouldn't want to have a loved one taken away from me or for my husband to cheat on me. It would not make me feel good. So why is it assumed that the only way to develop a moral compass is through religion?

Can a person be moral, upstanding, and compassionate without using religious tenets or texts to guide them? I would hope so, but what do you think?

Also I found it odd, that there seems to be a belief by some that you cannot be a liberal or democrat and be an upstanding Christian, that you must be a conservative to be a true Christian is baffling to me. I know republican atheists exist and I know many a devout Christian who votes democrat. Why are so things cut and dry? Can you not be diverse in beliefs, even if you have a shared religion? Or is it all or nothing? Can you support or be ok with gay marriage, but be against abortion? Can you not approve of either and still be a liberal on other issues? Does your stance that might oppose the teachings of the Bible automatically make you a bad Christian?
As a result of this post, I am now listening to Jesus Walking On Water by the Violent Femmes.

According To Some-How I Got Into College

::Siditty makes a phone call to the admissions office for the college she applied to to check on the status of her application::

Siditty: Hello, I would like to check on the status application to your college.

College Administrator: Can I get your name?

Siditty: It's Siditty Angry And Black Since 1976

College Administrator: Social Security Number

Siditty: 777-XX-9311

College Administrator: Oh, your in, don't worry about it.

Siditty: What!?!?!??!?! I got in, that's great!!!!!!! What was it? My grades? My SAT score? My extracurricular activities?

College Administrator: Oh no, that doesn't matter. You could have all F's you would have gotten in.

Siditty: But how is that? I am not a legacy like so many of your other students? My parents attended different colleges.

College Administrator: Your parent's went to college? Seriously? Like community college huh?

Siditty: No like traditional colleges that offer four year degrees and master programs.

College Administrator: Wow that is crazy. They didn't even have Affirmative Action back then.

Siditty: What does that mean? So how did I get in?

College Administrator: Oh honey, it is because you are black, automatic admission. Your blackness alone is sufficient to get you into college.

Siditty: Really, so you mean I studied and did all that extracurricular shit for nothing? Damn.

College Administrator: ::laughing:: Oh lord, they made you believe you had to actually work or something to get into college? How silly your school was. Black just gets in, no matter what. We just took Pookie from the hood the other day. He has a 1.5 GPA and smokes crack daily. We think it is amazing any of you negroes can actually fill out an application.

Siditty: Wow

College Administrator: Now just go to the registrar's office and sign up for classes. Also stop by the financial aid office for your "go to college free because I am black and nothing else" scholarship.

Siditty: OK Thanks!!!!!!!

College Administrator: Oh be sure to tell your academic advisor to inform all your instructors to do an automative curve for all your grades. You get a complimentary "black curve" so you can appear to have a higher GPA.