I Blame MTV

For all those that don't know I am a bit of a music fiend. I have over 5,000 songs in my itunes library. 5,348 songs to be exact, and that changes constantly.I was on a music binge while twittering last night. Yes, on Saturday nights I sit at home blogging, listening to music, and twittering, I have no life. Anyway my music listening made me eager to youtube old music videos, and it struck me, as a middler schooler and high schooler, I could easily crush on any man in a music video of groups I liked. These men weren't particularly attractive, just musicians. I love Robert Smith of The Cure. I had the "Boys Don't Cry" poster on my wall. I loved Morrissey, knowing good and damn well he doesn't like girls. I liked Sean Dickson of the Soup Dragons. Even Phil King of Lush. I think even at one point I loved Mike Edwards of
Jesus Jones. Don't laugh. You guys know you loved his fancy cool hat.

Now note, most of these men, not really attractive, they were just bands I liked and for some reason developed crushes on the lead singers or the guitarists. Why I liked these bands and music so much, I don't know what initially attracted me to them. I should go ahead and let folks know that I was late to watching many of these music videos because for a few years our cable company felt MTV* was satanic. I heard most of these bands on the radio first and then saw them in videos. Note though, all these guys have something in common. Some of them I believe started some of my preferences I think. As I have stated before, for some reason I like tall white guys with blue or green eyes and dark hair, like they just stand out to me more than others in average. I married a tall guy with green eyes and dark hair. Did my taste in music coerce my preferences in men? I often wonder if that was the case. I can distinctly remember crushing on a guy at school because he looked like Martin Gore of Depeche Mode (see video above). The irony of crushing on the whitest member of Depeche Mode is he is actually half black. His father was an African American GI from Virginia. I digress. You know I would :)

Did my music also influence my preferences in men? I am wondering looking at some of these men. I also question why I like men who wear make up and in many cases look kind of feminine. Maybe I need to talk to a therapist about the androgynous love I had going on.

*A side note for the younger viewers of this blog, before "The Real World", "The Hills", and all those other craptacular reality shows became the norm for MTV, MTV actually did something crazy called playing music videos the majority of the time. I know this is crazy that Music Television aka MTV showed music videos, imagine that!


"Wacko Jacko"

OK this has to be said. I went on over to the DailyKos, as well as some other sites. For some reason, those who have issues with Michael Jackson's sexual abuse allegations tend to want to compare him to OJ Simpson. I guess the comparison is both "got off" and were actually guilty. For some reason, innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply to them. Neither were convicted of their crimes. There are some unconfirmed reports now that Jordy Chandler, the boy who made the 1st allegations of abuse has recanted his accusations.

In terms of OJ, I think he was guilty as hell. I make no qualms about it. Michael on the other hand I don't think did it. I personally think that Michael was inappropriate with those children. I wholeheartedly believe that. Grown ass men don't lay in bed with little kids. I don't understand why a grown ass man would want to lay in bed with children for the sake of a sleepover, but I don't think Michael is a pedophile. I think he is a victim of his own fame.

The man basically came out of the womb performing. This man has literally worked all his life and never had a childhood. We all have heard the stories about Joe Jackson and his parenting skills. I think he tried desperately to recapture what he never had. The man told folks he was Peter Pan in the Martin Bashir interview. We know he was crazy. He created Neverland so he could have his own place to be a child. He was reaching because he was too old to be doing that. We all know this. The lack of his childhood in my opinion caused all of his problems, the biggest problem is grasp, or lack thereof of reality.

Something else to consider, Michael Jackson probably isn't used to the word 'no'. Michael had all these people around them, none of them had enough sense to tell him when he was wrong. Someone should have told Michael to stop after the third rhinoplasty. Maybe someone should have said to put Webster down and quit hanging out with Macaulay Culkin. Someone should have told him that maybe, just maybe he should have sought another treatment for vitiligo aside from bleaching his skin. Maybe someone should have told him to be quiet when Martin Bashir was asking him about laying in bed with kids. After the first accusation, someone should have told Michael to cut back on the sleep overs. Or that he shouldn't dangle babies over of hotel balconies. Of course, these folks were too scared to tell this man that because they wanted to be near Michael, they liked being on his payroll, and they didn't want to be pushed away. Michael lived his whole life like that. I am sure he had people around him whose sole purpose in life was to be near him. The man is a superstar. As a result of this superstardom he was used by those around him.

He was used also by the media. The media never forgave him for leaking the false stories about himself. He did it as a joke, tired of the media following and trying to figure out every single thing he did. He never slept in a hyperbaric chamber to slow down the aging process. He wanted to promote Captain EO. He didn't buy the elephant man's bones. After that, all the other "Wacko Jacko" stuff the media made on it's own. When the 1st allegations of sexual abuse came forward, they had a field day. It was plastered all over the news.

Some of the stuff that was considered weird, I actually understood. I understood why his kids (whether biological or not) had their faces covered for years. He didn't want them exposed for the world to see. Notice he didn't have them performing on stage with him. Those kids were literally hidden. He wanted them to have a childhood he didn't have.

Michael Jackson was eccentric. I will admit that. The man probably had some real issues stemming from his past. He appeared to have body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia. He didn't have a strong grip on reality. I just don't really think he molested those two kids. The first case never went to trial, and the second case did, but he was found not guilty. I found it strange that some of the jury when interviewed stated that in that particular case they found him not guilty, but they did believe he had molested before due to the testimony of some of the witnesses, including Macaulay Culkin.

So I know somewhere he was inappropriate, but then I also wonder about the families. I can't imagine not taking a solid molestation case to trial, just to settle for money instead. I don't want someone to pay just financially for sexually abusing a child, but I want them to suffer in all ways possible, and for a celebrity like Michael Jackson, prison would a bigger hell to him than paying $22 million dollars. The man made billions. Even though he was struggling financially per the media, they still estimated his assets at half a billion dollars. Not to mention I find it weird any sane parent would be cool with a 35 year old man sleeping with their kids and having a sleep over with them. I mean you have to wonder if these kids were pawns in all of this, not of Michael, but their own parents.

Even though he had all of these things that haunted him and his career, I find it offensive given the results of these trials that people are celebrating his death and basically spitting on his grave. If you don't like him fine, but why disrespect him, especially when you, yourself have no proof of the allegations? Not to mention in all reality, there are going to be people who will cry for even the most depraved people when they die. Charles Manson when he dies will have someone cry for him. There are people who to this day celebrate Timothy McVeigh as a hero. Why are you upset that people are mourning this loss? It isn't just about Michael Jackson, it is the fact that many of us have some favorite childhood memories as a courtesy of him. We all wanted the red zipper jacket, the sequined gloves. We all tried to moonwalk.We learned his dance moves and watched his videos with our friends. Our mourning lies with those memories. Can we not mourn for the man who helped create those memories?

Racism In India

If this guy looks familiar, I have posted his Youtube videos on the blog before. Very interesting guy with some very interesting points. He is half black american/half african who grew up in the American south. He is also gay and involved in an interracial relationship with a German. He is also working on his PhD. I love this guy!!!!!

I do have one criticism of this video. For some reason we always go to Gandhi as this bastion of love and equality for all. Gandhi wasn't a big fan of black people. He felt that indians were superior to blacks, which to me is so funny considering that he was struggling for indians (at least higher caste ones) to gain equality with whites, who felt indians were inferior to them.


"Our" Men & "Our" Women

***Recently, I was given the opportunity to guest blog over at Rippdemup's place. You guys need to check out his blog. It is funny, insightful, and entertaining. This week was interesting because it was "Ladies First" Week, meaning that all the posts this week are from women bloggers. Definitely check him out***

One thing that is said about the black community is that we are not unified. I do sometimes find this to be the case, as we are at times quick to throw someone under the bus, stereotype ourselves, and make it seem as if all things wrong in the world point to black people. At other times, we tend to come together, and acknowledge we are all in it together as well. When Barack Obama was elected to office, it was a victory for "all of us" because for once a black man caught a break and a lot of people (read white) were voting for him based upon merit and put aside his race to elect him President. More people than we expected anyway. Most of us jumped up and down for OJ, even though we knew he was guilty because we for once were able to do something we hadn't done; avoided death row for killing someone white. We weren't happy that he got off, but that the jury saw him as innocent and made the prosecutors attempt to prove his guilt. Sometimes though, we lay claim each other when we shouldn't.

I am married to a white man. A very white man, you can't mistake him as high yellow or anything. He is Irish and German, he doesn't tan, he burns. He even glows in the dark at night he is so white. We have been together for ten years, and in that ten years we have had our encounters with folks who disagree with our relationship. There have been a few knucklehead black men who have told me to "come home" or said something to my husband about "taking what doesn't belong to him". Now prior to me being with my husband the majority of men I dated were white. I know I am a sell out concubine slave negress to the white man, but let's put that aside for a moment. Let's talk about how black men in general didn't normally approach me in my everyday life, and of the few that did, some didn't approach me in a way I was accustomed to. To put it bluntly, didn't no black man really want me.

Maybe it is because I look like Evilene from the Wiz. Maybe it is because like me, the few black guys I were around were so surrounded by whiteness, that all they dated or noticed were white girls. Maybe I didn't give the brothers who did approach me a fair shake. All in all though, it seems simply when I was single, I didn't belong to these black men. They didn't want me. I suddenly belonged to them when I dated a white man, and it didn't matter when I was available they weren't really noticing me, but now I am their property. Why? Why did I have an all or nothing allegiance to these black men I didn't know? Was I supposed to wait for them? Would they really want me? Would I want them? Would Halle Berry have really given these black men a chance if it wasn't for a white man?

Now this is no way excusing me from understanding and identifying with being black, but did me getting with a white man threaten the black community? Did I dwindle the number of eligible black women, making black folks extinct? Where the hell were these men when I was single? Why did I belong to anyone aside from my momma and daddy?

I am not letting the black women off the hook either, I know good and well we have all had that conversation about black men "leaving the race" for non black women, that so many have a "anything but black attitude". I know this is painful, but black men don't belong to black women either. They aren't our men, if they choose to date outside the race so be it, but it doesn't mean that they "left us". In reality, we might not have had a chance with them anyway. I know good and damn well Taye Diggs was not going to call me up and ask me out.

All in all, most black women and black men are marrying each other or at least being baby mommas and daddies to each other. That is another topic to discuss another time. My point is, black love still exists, it might seem harder to find, but it is still there. Of the married couples I know, I am one of the few inter racially married ones. Most of my black girlfriends who are married, married black men. Of the black men I know that are married, the majority of them are married to black women. My husband and I are the oddballs, people white, black, or other are not rushing out to get their swirl on when it comes to settling down, that is just the facts.

Please be rest assured many of us who marry out, are aware of "our history" and racism. We know we are part of the community. People in interracial relationships are able to identify with being black, and we don't all run away from "our roots" simply because we "married out". OK some of us do the Clarence Thomas, but some of us like being black, and we know that even though we are not marrying "our own" that we are still black and proud to be so.


Michael Jackson 1958-2009

This is an absolute shock to me. I am still amazed that this has actually happened. See for people my age, Michael Jackson is an ICON. He wasn't a strange man with bad plastic surgery. He wasn't the man who was inappropriate with children. This man was a true talent. This man was a history maker. Michael Jackson was the first black artist MTV would allow on their air waves. The album "Thriller", was monumental. It was rare to not know someone who didn't own that album. The Jackson Five were influential. This man literally had a career that spanned decades, and when I say it spanned decades, he was in mainstream media, on top of his game, actually charting, and selling out tours. There are few in this world who can say they could pull that off.

Michael, you will be missed, at least by this blogger.

Do I Need To Quit Buying L'Oreal? Yeah I Do.

I thank my twitter friend, Froward1 for the link.

I can sit silent no longer with L'Oreal. I didn't act a fool when they lightened Beyonce's already light skin in the Feria ads so she could appear to be "less ethnic". I knew it was bad, but I don't really use many L'Oreal products anyway, so it was so sweat off my back. I know that to mainstream advertisers, the closer to white, the better, that is the norm.

I then did some digging. Apparently L'Oreal has a history of this here in America, which means this practice is accepted globally:

On August 11, 2005, the Supreme Court of California ruled that former L'Oréal sales manager Elyse Yanowitz had adequately pleaded a cause of action for retaliatory termination under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and remanded the case for trial.[7] The case arose out of a 1997 incident in which Jack Wiswall, then the general manager for designer fragrances, allegedly told Yanowitz to fire a dark-skinned sales associate despite the associate's good performance. When Yanowitz refused, Wiswall pointed to a "sexy" blonde-haired woman and said, "God damn it, get me one that looks like that." Wiswall retired as president of the luxury products division of L'Oréal USA at the end of 2006.

I can miraculously find nothing on this case on the web, aside from Wikipedia, this Law Firm's website, here, and here. You have to wonder why this was virtually ignored by the media.

What I am discussing now shouldn't be the norm, and proves that racism continues in the corporate world. L'Oreal was found guilty of racism. In France they purposely set out to hire all white salespeople to sell Garnier Fructis shampoo in French supermarkets. If you don't know L'Oreal is based in France, so I am sure they have a pretty strong presence there, like they do here. What makes it bad is that there was a fax sent in 2000 from an executive which said that "Garnier's hostesses should be aged 18 to 22, wear size 38 to 42 clothes and be "BBR"."

So in order to sell supermarket brand shampoo, you should be under 22, because anything older is gross and geriatric, you should be 4 to 8 in US sizes, because if you are too fat the effects of the shampoo are limited, and you need to be white. For those who don't know "BBR" "stands for "bleu, blanc, rouge" (blue, white, red) — the colours of the French flag — and is a well-known code for white people, La Cour de Cassation was told."

Asians, arabs, and blacks don't fall under the category of "BBR" and we all know that they couldn't possibly use Garnier Fructis shampoo. It is only made for "white hair". All other races need not apply.

This is what I worry about when I talk about racism. Not the KKK, or being called the n-word, or even folks telling insensitive jokes. I am concerned about how this racism directly impacts minorities. Being excluded because you are not considered presentable due to the color of your skin is an issue. Being denied a job because a company has an ideal image to uphold, and your color isn't considered an ideal, but rather unacceptable.

I say since L'Oreal can't get right, I can't get right. I will throw out the very few products I have that are owned by L'Oreal, and I will make sure I will no longer purchase anything from this company. They need to know minorities and people over the age of 22 buy their products, and that without minorities and "old people" buying from them, it affects their bottom line. No more of these products for me, as I am too black and old to use them.

L'Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York, Softsheen Carson, CCB Paris, L'Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Redken, Matrix, Mizani, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Lancôme, Biotherm, Helena Rubinstein, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Cacharel, Viktor & Rolf, Diesel, YSL Beauté, Vichy, La Roche Posay, innéov, Skinceuticals, Sanoflore, and The Body Shop.

L'Oreal owns way more things than I ever thought they could.I have more stuff than I thought owned by them. No more Body Shop for me, I guess I will have to settle for Lush. L'Oreal seems to own a lot of well known brands. Brands I won't be buying,but it is shocking to see how much L'Oreal actually owns.

If I am not good enough to work for L'Oreal on the basis of my age and color, I sure as hell am not good enough to buy the products, right?

I want to know how Beyonce or any celebrity is sitting up smiling as a spokesperson for L'Oreal while all this stuff is going on? What does that say about them and if these celebrities are promoting these products, do they promote racism and ageism? Are these minority and model celebrity endorsements L'Oreal pandering to the minority market, or are things changing in the L'Oreal workplace? It seems to me, they are pandering while maintaining the status quo.

Let's look at the celebrity spokespeople that themselves would be excluded from ever selling Garnier Fructis in French supermarkets:

Penelope Cruz, Andi McDowell, Milla Jovovich, Gong Li, you gals are all too old. Andi you haven't seen 22 in a while. Penelope, Milla, and Gong 22 is becoming a distant memory for you. Penelope isn't even white enough. Gong has the audacity to look Asian.

Diane Keaton, she is white, but she is WAY over the hill, she couldn't possibly sell shampoo.

Beyonce has the audacity to be black and old.

Linda Evangelista needs to go sit down, after all old women can't sell shampoo, not even old supermodels.

Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington, both of you know you are too dark and too old. Eva isn't white, Mexicans apparently don't use Garnier Fructis. Kerry, you are darker than Beyonce, you should know better than to think you have any selling power.

I mean if these women aren't even good enough to sell to French supermarkets, why the hell would you make them spokespeople L'Oreal?


Transformers II: Minstrel Show In Disguise?

Transformers II is now out in movie theaters. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the new movie. Two characters Mudflap and Skid, are getting Jar Jar Binks negativity.

Here is what is getting people up in arms according to this site:

These new robots, who begin the film conjoined as a shitty old ice cream truck but who soon get upgraded into Chevy concept cars, seem to be the most extreme racial caricatures seen in a movie in decades. The Twins have a simian appearance, with wide faces and huge ears. One of them (full disclosure: I am not sure which is which, namewise. This isn't a problem limited to just these robots in Transformers 2 as I couldn't tell most robots apart, except for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee) has a gold bucktooth. They have a 'playful' back and forth relationship, which includes them talking in some sort of modern day rap-age jive, calling each other 'bitch-ass' or 'punk,' talking with an exaggerated, crunked-up 'street' accent. They appear to be stoned all the time. And they can't read; when asked to translate some ancient Cybertronian language they sheepishly admit they 'don't do much readin'.' To be fair, only Primes can read this language, but even the completely idiotic mini-bot (and Italian stereotype) Wheelie can at least recognize what the writing is. The Twins are completely illiterate, it seems. I was actually surprised that the film didn't find a way to make them wear a Transformers version of baggy pants.

Now, I have not seen the movie, but it sounds kind of suspect. People were already questioning the role of Jazz in the first movie. In the first movie Jazz appears to be the "black" autobot who is really good at breakdancing. He is the only autobot to die. I thought this was suspect, I mean, why does the black autobot have to be good at dancing and die, but I overlooked it, as my husband was already freaked out over the inaccuracies of the autobots in comparison to the cartoon of his childhood. Not to mention it was good to see Darius McCrary from Family Matters working.

I don't know if I will be able to overlook Mudflap and Skids though. Illiterate, gold tooth, jive talking autobots? That is a bit much. My husband is already disgusted that Michael Bay has the chance to destroy all things good with Transformers, a childhood favorite, how do I cope with a gold tooth, illiterate, jive talking robots?


What Comes First: Race Or Gender?

As you guys are all aware, I am OBVIOUSLY a black woman. Many times often than not I talk about race issues, but sometimes I think about gender issues. I used to be a member of NOW. I believe in equal rights for women and people of color. I understand the need for such organizations to exist due to racism and sexism in society, the workplace, and higher education. I know why Affirmative Action, benefits BOTH groups. I sympathize, I really do.

As you know from previous posts, I have questioned the feminist movement. This last presidential election made me question the movement. When you have icons like Geraldine Ferraro and Gloria Steinem making the statements they made about our now President, and their views of race and gender, it makes me sincerely wonder if the feminist movement is for white middle and upper class woman exclusively. Chastising Oprah for choosing the male candidate instead of the female one, it makes you wonder, is the feminist movement able to empathize with other groups and struggles? It feels as if they have forgotten about those of us who deal with more than just gender, but those of us who deal with race and poverty. Steinem herself was under the impression black men have it easier in life as they were given the right to vote before women, which as we all know due to poll taxes and voter tests, was not the case.

NOW is currently has two women campaigning for the organization's presidency. One is Latifa Lyles, who is already a Vice President-Membership of the organization, and if she is chosen she will be the youngest NOW president ever. I should also note she is a black woman. The other candidate is Terry O'Neill a former Vice President and attorney who serves on NOW's national board. She is not black.

I know I should be happy at the nomination for Latifa Lyles, but I can't help to think that even with all her accomplishments, this was a knee jerk reaction to NOW's suffering relationship with African American woman. Similar to Michael Steele's being chairperson of the Republican National Committee. I know both these people are accomplished, but as I can see with the RNC, Michael Steele apparently has no power and appears to be there for looks and nothing more, as it seems the RNC is ignoring him.

NOW for years has ignored African American woman and really don't seem to be able to relate to the unique struggles of black women in general. Now with the firestorm of controversy after this election, it makes me wonder, are they trying to make amends for this?

Do you think that if Ms. Lyles is elected President she will be actually treated with respect, or ignored like Mr. Steele? I often wonder if this is what tokenism truly is. Even with all these two have accomplished, does their skin color override everything else? Note I am not questioning their qualifications, they seem more than qualified, but I do question the authenticity of those who put in their positions of power. If these two organizations didn't have the perception of only focusing on the "mainstream" (read white), do you think they would be so eager to put people of color into these positions at all? Is this pandering to prove their diversity or a true choice for the position?

Is this why Affirmative Action fails? Even with all their accomplishments, you know that someone within their organizations is going to say, they were put there based solely on the color of their skin and that they are unqualified and undeserving, no matter how much they really deserve their positions. The racism will still come out. There are people in this world who sincerely think for every black person in the workplace or college, there is a white person who was jilted. These people will never truly question why they think or assume a white person is automatically more deserving than anyone else. Which then makes me think, is this why Affirmative Action is still needed?


This Is Why The Republican Party Will Continue to Alienate Black Voters

Thanks again to Shanic Design

Can you tell me what you think is wrong with this picture? What do all the people in the pic have in common? Now look in the lower right corner? Who is that supposed to be?

Now, do you get the joke? How does this not come off as racist? I am curious to see why the person who sent this email, titled "Historical Keepsake Photo", thought that it was a good idea to send it from work. Especially since the woman, Sherri Goforth, is an executive assistant to Senator Diane Black, a republican. There seems to be no outrage in the Republican party for this. The woman still has her job. When questioned about the email, do you think Goforth was apologetic? She was sorry for the fact it was sent to the wrong list of people.

When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list. When I gave her a second chance to address the controversial nature of the email, she again repeated that she only felt bad about sending it to the wrong list of people.

I guess in her mind the email is ok.

Between people like this and the Depass guy comparing Michelle to a gorilla, does the Republican party really need to ask why they have a hard time capturing the black vote?

I Want to Shake Her Parents

Seriously, I want to choke her parents and all those cheering. Why could she not read the poem without the stereotypical "black woman" movements? Did she really have to have the stereotypical "black woman" attitude? Why the hell are these people clapping? Why could she not just recite the poem, or maybe do it in a different way? Why must she be subjected to the stereotype at this age?

Here are the words to the poem:

Is it a disease? Well, if it is, I sure hope its catching
Because they need to pour it into a bottle,
label it, and sprinkle it All over the people
men and women who Ever loved or cried,
worked or died For any one of us.

So...What if I am a Black woman?
Is it a crime? Arrest me!
Because I'm strong, but I'm gentle,
I'm smart, but I'm learning,
I'm loving, but I'm hateful.
And I like to work because
I like to eat and feed and clothe
and house Me, mine
and yours and everybody's,
Like I've been doing for the past 300 years.

What if I am a Black woman?
Is it insane? Committ me!!
Because I want Happiness,not tears;
Truths not lies; Pleasure not pain;
Sunshine not rain; A man not a child!

What if I am a Black woman? Is it a sin?
Pray for me! And pray for you too,
If you don't like women of color
because we are... Midnight Black,
Chestnut Brown, Honey Bronzed,
Chocolate Covered, Cocoa Dipped,
Big Lipped, Big Breasted, and BEAUTIFUL
all at the same time!

So what if I am a Black Woman?
Does it bother you that much because
I want a man who wants me...
Loves me and trusts me, and respects me
And gives me everything because
I give him everything back, PLUS!!

What if I am a Black woman? I've got rights,
same as you! I have worked for them,
died for them, played and laid for them,
On every plantation from Alabama to Boston and Back!

What if I am a Black woman?
I love me, and I want you to love me too,
But I am as I've always been,
Near you, close to you, beside you,
strong giving, loving,

For over 300 years, Your Black woman...Love me!


Even As First Lady, A Black Woman Can't Catch A Break

Thanks Acting Drama for the video.

Rusty DePass is a GOP activist with a facebook page. Someone left a comment about an escaped gorilla at a zoo. His response:

"I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

Yes he did. He compared the First Lady of the United States to a gorilla. A GORILLA. You know you can't compare black people to primates. That is some harsh stuff there. That feeds into the belief that many a white held for years that black people really aren't human, but closer to being an animal. My great uncle once told me that while he was fighting in Korea, the Korean people would ask the black military men if they had tails. They really thought they were monkeys. I am still in awe about that. How dumb and ignorant must one be to ask that question?

I know this man has to know black people are no more direct descendants to monkeys or gorilla than any other race of people, but oh, well I guess he doesn't give a damn. Macon D over at his blog has a great post about white people comparing black folks to monkeys and apes. It is a bit sad, but it is a great post.

What is even more shocking is that this man has apologized, but only half assed, after all it is Michelle's fault for him making the comparison:

"The comment was hers, not mine"

I am trying to figure out where Michelle ever said she was related to Bubbles the monkey or Koko the gorilla. Oh wait, I CAN'T!!!!!!!! Maybe she took a stance on evolution, but I don't think she ever said she, herself was a direct descendant of a gorilla.

Again we blame the victim. It is a great tactic used by many a racist, why stop now. Again a black woman is insulted and degraded, and people are shrugging it off as if it is her fault. Michelle is being treated as other, as if she is too animalistic to even be respected as a woman, much less a First Lady.

It simply amazes me in "post racial" America, we have people comparing their President, as well as First Lady to monkeys and gorillas. It scares me that this isn't even the first time it happened. Remember this:

Post racial America my ass.


Where The Wild Things Are

This was the best book as a kid and Spike Jonze is directing. How cool is that!!!!! I also love this Arcade Fire song in the trailer.


Even In My Moments of Insanity, I Find Some Good

I was not intending to find this video. This is some guy's class project, I thought it was a cute little video with an IR spin.

This is what I was really looking for. My new weird obsession, Christian Weston Chandler:

Chris is the creator of Sonichu. Sonichu is a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. You see that medallion he is wearing. He really wears that out in public. In matter of fact he wore it in his driving license photo. This man has an army of people whose sole purpose in life is to troll him, and he actually lets them. It is mind blowing. Anyway, here is an example of why this guy gets trolled. It isn't safe for work:

If you are wondering, he is indeed single, but sorry he doesn't date black ladies, as you know us black ladies are eagerly awaiting for his call. Nothing like a 27 year old who lives with his parents, who doesn't work, and appears to be high functioning autistic as well as have narcissistic personality disorder, and a criminal record. Yes this fool was arrested for hanging out in front of a Target with a sign that indicated he was looking for a woman, when asked to leave he refused, the police were called and he resisted arrest. He was also arrested at a mall for the same issue and possible stalking. He was also banned from his local community college for the same reason.

Don't cry though ladies, I am sure he will expand his options sooner or later.


Food Inc.

Found this video courtesy of Dark Parables

This is a movie I am interested in seeing. Having a father in agribusiness, I am well aware of the corporate farm. My father still to this day laughs at me when he sees my organic veggies in my fridge, because he knows in most cases what we think of as organic doesn't really exist. There isn't really much difference if you are buying your veggies and meat from a big chain market. If you want true organic you really have to support local farmer's markets, and many times these are out of reach and convenience for most people, and limits your choices to what is in season vs. what you are in the mood for at the time. I am not supposed to be able to get strawberries all year round, but I do. Not to mention you would be hard pressed to find a successful independent farmer, these folks just don't exist anymore. Farmers were bought out by corporations decades ago. The small guy couldn't compete with the big companies on price and output.

One criticism of the animal rights movement of grocery stores and the corporate farms is the way in which animals are treated, even with regulations in place, it doesn't seem to be very humane. I am inclined to agree. I think everyone who eats meat should see how animals are processed. It isn't pretty. Some people it won't bother, for instance my father who knows how his burger gets to his plate, but for people like me, it makes me cringe. Even though I still cook for my carnivore husband, it does bother me, and I will admit if I don't see the "animal parts" when I purchase meat, it doesn't seem all that gross.

As we know there is an obesity epidemic in America, and some of the biggest culprits of this are convenience food and the lack of access and cost effectiveness of fresh, whole foods. I often wonder if the food companies are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies who are then in bed with health insurance companies. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do think about it.


Jews for Obama

Being that I have at least a couple of Jewish readers, I am not going to offend, but I am sorry that people seem offended that he does not want to nuke all the Arab states and put Israel on a pedestal. He wants peace. I know that offends some, but really was all this necessary?

Why is it when there is dissent of Obama it always comes down to race, and why always do they target his black side, not his white side?

Interesting enough, the video was removed by the Huffington Post and disregarded as "frat boys having innocent fun". Is being hateful really all that innocent? Or were they just racist?

Interesting Article on Dealing With IR

I went over to Yahoo! and found this article on IR dating. A pretty interesting and short read. I found it to be a bit of the same old, same old, but it kind of seal the deal for me on some things about IR dating.

I find it interesting a study was done on internet dating as well.

It turns out internet dating my not be the best bet in dating inter racially. I found that interesting because in my mind, I always thought it was a bit easier as you actually put yourself out there. If you are a guy or girl open to IR dating, you could say so in your profile and that those who are interested, regardless of race would approach you. This could be a double edged sword, where you could end up with someone who has a fetish, but would be simpler than trying to figure out if someone was into IR in a real life situation, without being overtly blunt and asking are they down with the swirl. This isn't the case. Apparently people have racial preferences based upon stereotypes.

One argument that was always had in regards to interracial relationships is that was it white men opposed to IR or black women opposed to these relationships? The answer per this study is white men. White men are more open to dating IR, but it is typically only with asian and hispanic women, black women get left in the dust:

While white men were more open to dating outside their race than white women, both had specific racial preferences. White men preferred Asian and Latino dating partners to African Americans; white women were more likely to exclude Asian men.

According to Feliciano, negative portrayals of African American women and Asian men in popular culture could contribute to these preferences.

"Stereotypical images of masculinity and femininity shape dating choices and continue to be perpetuated in the mass media," says Feliciano, sociology and Chicano/Latino studies assistant professor. "The hyper-feminine image of Asian American women contrasts greatly with that of Asian men, who are often portrayed as asexual."

In comparison, the image of the strong African American woman is at odds with idealized notions of submissive and frail women. This may explain why African American women faced high levels of rejection among men, researchers say.

"Cultural portrayals of African American women in the media continue to stress traits seen as negative, such as bossiness," Feliciano says.

Another interesting tidbit to show that black people in general are more open to IR dating:

Researchers' analysis of minorities' racial preferences showed that Asians, African Americans and Latinos are more likely to include whites as possible dates than whites are to include them. This suggests that whites, as the dominant group in the U.S., remain in the privileged position of being able to facilitate or hinder the full incorporation of minorities.

It seems white folks are a bit more into the status quo and are as willing to date outside their race as other groups are. Maybe since other groups (asian, blacks, hispanics) as smaller in size, the cast out a bigger net when it comes to dating and tend to be a bit more open, or maybe, just maybe, as the writer of the Yahoo! article pointed out, maybe we as minorities have bought into the "mainstream", and go after what is by all accounts what is considered the "norm" and even fall victim to the simplistic stereotypes of ourselves:

Can you blame the TV producers and advertisers for playing it safe by catering to the majority? After all, they measure what appeals to a mass audience and go with what we're familiar with. It's no mystery that stereotyping the population is much easier than representing eclectic subgroups within our population. As an expected result of this, the general public absorbs oversimplified images of various ethnic groups -- and how they pair up -- in every media imaginable.

Dating 101: Dealing With the Race Factor
How to cope with four common obstacles in interracial dating
By dating editor Arnold Chao

Updated: Jun 5, 2009

dating editor Arnold Chao and his wife

A recent study on racial preferences of online daters provides some interesting findings. Based on profile-searching criteria set by singles using Yahoo! Personals, the UCI case study reveals that gender plays an important role in interracial preferences:

“Asian American men are the least preferred mate for Caucasian women”
Asian American men are the least preferred mate for Caucasian women, and African American women bear the brunt of discrimination from Caucasian men. UCI researchers say that "the stereotypical images of masculinity and femininity shape dating choices" and are a contributing factor.

The cross-cultural revolution is not going to be launched on the Internet dating scene, where people often follow racial stereotypes when looking for love, the researchers said.

In spite of these findings, there's always an exception to the norm, and I should know as an ABC (American-Born Chinese) who met and married another type of ABC (American Brazilian Caucasian -- yes, I just made that up). Like any couple we've had our ups and downs, but we've somehow managed to bond well for almost a decade.

For those of you involved with a date -- or mate -- of a different race, check out these obstacles of interracial dating and ways to overcome them.

Dating Obstacle #1. The Traditionalists
I've encountered several people who possess strong opinions about interracial dating: A South African told me that people should date within their own race; my Korean American friend found it inconceivable to betroth a white woman; some Asian guys I've met told me they loathe competing with white guys to woo Asian bachelorettes.

Yes, the resistance against interracial dating persists, even in the diverse San Francisco Bay Area where I live. You should consider that citizens in most U.S. states were legally banned from marrying outside of their race until 1967.

U.S. interracial couples in 2006

How do you cope?
Surround yourself with pals who tolerate diversity. As individuals, we have an innate desire to be understood; and as an interracial couple, the desire remains the same. You must learn to accept adversity and not let it influence your individual judgment. The acceptance you receive from a circle of friends strips away your sensitivity to snide comments that oppose your open dating preferences.

Dating Obstacle #2. The Stereotypes From Mass Media
Can you blame the TV producers and advertisers for playing it safe by catering to the majority? After all, they measure what appeals to a mass audience and go with what we're familiar with. It's no mystery that stereotyping the population is much easier than representing eclectic subgroups within our population. As an expected result of this, the general public absorbs oversimplified images of various ethnic groups -- and how they pair up -- in every media imaginable.

How do you cope?
Recognizing the biased reality of the media business in itself resolves much of the adverse impact of broadcasted stereotypes. Avoid "keeping up with the Joneses" and don't think you have to date like all the idealized couples the generic media fodder has fed you. Boil your beliefs down to what really matters to you, and you'll become stereotype-resistant.

Dating Obstacle #3. The Offensive Family Member
It happens: You'll attend a family gathering where your estranged uncle shows that he may not be as culturally enlightened as the rest of your family. The off-color jokes spew out of his mouth. He snickers. You're in shock. Your significant other is in shock. The tension builds while you attempt to cool the blood that boils within you.

How do you cope?
Realize that there may always be a family member, or friend, who has trouble thinking before uttering insensitive opinions or bluntly racist remarks. Prepare for these confrontations. Let that person know if you think his/her comments are offensive, and choose honest yet eloquent ways to respond. Practice what you'll say and when you'll say it -- so when the situation happens, you won't let your emotions get the best of you. If this person is worth dealing with, he/she will respect your straightforwardness.

Silence will only prolong the issue. Share your thoughts to show that you care about how you interact with everyone, and vice versa. This is not the time to be shy. Demand respect. You deserve it.

Dating Obstacle #4. The Gazers
I know. It gets old. Not everybody is used to seeing an interracial couple. People will stare at you. They may even display a frown or a furrowed brow.

How do you cope?
Ignore the natural response of attempting to read their minds. Who knows what they're thinking when they stare: Maybe they admire you two as a couple, or they like your threads, or they just haven't seen your "kind" before, or they're waiting for you two to show some affection so they can label you as a couple rather than friends. It's pointless to keep wondering.

Instead, imagine you're a celebrity. In fact, you are. You might well be the spectacle of the day for them. Thrive and celebrate your uniqueness. These public encounters add flavor to the otherwise bland experiences of their lives. You're simply desensitizing them to the notion of colorblind dating. Sooner or later, they won't look twice ... because they've seen it before.


Why Today Is Hate A White Liberal Day-My Rant

So as you guys know, my new addiction is Twitter. You run into all kinds of folks from different walks of life. It is really fun. Every Friday folks recommend other folks to people so others can find new people to follow, in particular people who share your views. Of course being a liberal, I find a lot of other "liberals" and look at who they recommend. Today, I was recommended to this guy. I of course go to his twitter page to find out more about him. I look over at his bio and he describes himself as

Autodidact -cool
polymath-cool, probably has a lot of insight
shanachie-Don't know what it is, but cool
flaming liberal-awesome
boatnigger-HOLD THE %$^* UP.

SERIOUSLY. This mother $^*)*& called himself a BOATNIGGER.

I responded to him with this:

@hankronan boatnigger? Seriously? Please don't say we use the term and it is for sailing so it is ok to use. Seriously?

He responded to me with this:

@siditty Ok, I won't. Suppose you would prefer I use the Politically Correct euphemism "African Marine Technician?" #shrug

I responded in kind:

@hankronan No I just want you to go ^*(@ yourself you *&(_ piece of $#&@ inbred idiot too stupid to understand why that term is offensive.

For those who don't know, it is a term for the person who cleans and maintains a boat. Usually used for a "blue collar" type person who sails or yachts. It is an OLD, ANTIQUATED, old %$& term that people who yacht or sail use. Now who sails and yachts the most? White men, and you know a lot of us black folks can't swim. We don't boat a lot. Unless we are T-Pain or Jay Z and UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C).

The old crusty ^%* mother ^%#(_&^ who use this term to this day, in the mother ^*(%#^% year 2009, should know better, but there dumb &$@($ don't know any better. Let me explain it to these dumb $@# morons. You would think referring to himself as a damn polymath, he might schooled on such issues, but let me address his dumb %$& in more than 140 characters, lest he is too damn dumb to comprehend an abridged tweet.

OK The term nigger is offensive, yes some dumb %&( black folks use it, but it still doesn't make it ok. So don't use the ^#$%@(*^$(@^% term you dumb ^*( bitch.

Being that the term is associated for one that cleans and maintains the boat, or for people who are "blue collar" indicates to me that you associate "niggers" with those whose sole purpose is to clean up and take care of your crusty white %&(. Again, go #%&* yourself.

Obviously white liberal guilt does not extend to this punk %$#&*. I was not aware there was a liberal chapter of the KKK. I bet as a kid he went nigger knocking, used a nigger knife, and pulled up nigger weeds.

Honestly this is the year 2009, figure out why the hell "boatnigger" might be deemed offensive.

Maybe I am being harsh, but I don't have patience for racist folks who feel they are innocent in using offensive terms. Nigger isn't a word I enjoy using, nor hearing. I have heard it enough in my life, and I sure as hell don't want folks like him downplaying the stupidity.


Lessons Learned In Push-Black Women Feel Like They Don't Matter


I work in the restaurant from git up in the morning to go to bed at night. I don't go to school even. I could read and write some but when we got here I was twelve already and hadn't been going to school for a long time in Jamaica. So my mother say, you almost grown so what's the use. But Kimberton, he's my brother go to school. A lot go for Kimberton-clothes, bicycle, computer toy. He is one year younger than me.

I tell her again when I am 16. Kimberton is fifteen but he skipped a grade in elementary school so he is in his second year of high school. Going to be a doctor."You going to be a doctor!" my mother tell him, "What you think I'm working for, for you to be a god damn taxi driver!" the question I as myself is, what am I working for.

-Rhonda Patrice Johnson, Push By Sapphire

I think I linked the post on Los Angelista's commentary about black women and how they are not protected in our society. I have previously discussed how in our society, it doesn't seem plausible to most that black women can get raped or exploited. In the book Push, there is more rape and exploitation than you can shake a stick at. It is completely mind boggling to me. Not just Precious, but many other characters as well. Rhonda Patrice Johnson is the perfect example of a black woman not being protected and falling to the way side for her brother. Her mother encourages her to drop out of school, but convinces her brother he is bound for greatness. She works aside her mother to help support and nurture his education forsaking her own. In the book, without giving away too much detail, her story gets worse. Rhonda is a black woman who is on her own, forced to make her own way, why her brother is nurtured and supported. It seems to be black women are expected to succeed, while the only way black men are expected to succeed is at the detriment of black women. This isn't a black male bashing thread, as the mother is at fault for choosing one to work and forgo education at the expense of their sibling, it is a reflection upon black culture and sexism in America. The focus is on black men and not so much black women. How do we as a community get over this? Will or can feminism help, or will sexism like in all society, especially mainstream society continue and things will remain status quo?

How do we acknowledge this issue without disparaging black men in the process? It seems that it is almost impossible to do.


Natural Hair and Interracial Relationships

So over at The Coil Review(might have to scroll down or up to see part I or II), they have an interesting concept going on. They have a white guy writing about his experiences with his black girlfriend while she transitions from relaxed hair to natural hair. As you guys all know I am a natural head. Finding these articles were double gold for me.Interracial relationships and natural hair? You don't find stuff like this to blog about often. Most black women are still relaxing or wearing weave. Now over at the Coil Review, they are pretty strict about what they consider natural hair. Folks who flat iron on a regular basis, wear weave or wigs, or use texturizer per them are not truly natural heads (scroll down the page over at the Coil Review to see the article "A Natural Technicality" to get a full understanding of what I am talking about). So I think this guy is learning the whole, dirty, truth about natural hair.

My husband had some clue because I wasn't the first black girl he ever dated. He knew about the concept of weave and relaxers, although not completely. He once asked me why my hair never grew, and I had to explain to him it does and that I give it a good blunt cut every three or four months, about an inch or two each and every time, I just did it in the bathroom, instead of at the beauty shop. He truly just didn't know. Then he moved in with me (or should I say I moved in with him, it was his apartment before it was mine). Just to start it off, I can count on one hand how many times in my life I have been to the beauty shop. I grew up with a cheap momma who did at home relaxer kits, had the hot comb heated on the stove, and trims were done in front of a bathroom mirror. I continued to do that as I left the house. It was then he learned what a "perm" truly was as he saw me put my own Just For Me perm (yes I used kiddie perm, I have a sensitive scalp) in the bathroom of his apartment. He then saw my chemical burns the next day where I didn't wash it out good. He then asked me why I permed my hair if it was all that trouble. I couldn't really give him an answer. That was my last relaxer, and then for years after that I became a flat iron queen. It was time consuming and damaging to me hair. Then a few years back I said to hell with flat irons and went for the gusto with rocking my curly hair. I've been a natural head ever since.

A lot of men, black, white, or the other really don't understand the relationship black women have with their hair. He didn't understand why I was scared of humidity or had to mentally prepare myself for swimming. He didn't understand why I swore that flat ironing my hair was an invitation for a rain storm and how I hated rainy days. Or why after doing my hair I didn't want him playing in my hair. It isn't his fault, he is a guy with relatively short hair, he goes to pro-cuts, he washes his hair daily in the shower and all he does when he gets out is comb it back and throw in some gel. His hair dries in 10 minutes tops. Most men don't think to do hot oil treatments. It isn't their fault, they don't have to deal with it.

Black women have a unique issue when it comes to our hair. We have pretty much been told it was a burden. It is a bit time consuming. You can spend all day or several hours putting a relaxer in your hair. You are told in order to look acceptable it must be straight. That people assume if you don't have straight hair, you are making a political statement. Or that you are just too lazy or cheap to get you hair "done". The concept of swimming can be frightening. So can the concept of rain. As you know after these activities are done you will be fighting with your hair to get it back to it's straightened state.

When a white guy has to see the transition, it can be a bit daunting, and like this guy learned, he can come off as insensitive. Yeah,the hair doesn't always look pretty when transitioning. My husband for years thought the only hair styles I could do is a bun or ponytail. I didn't know to do the big chop back in 1999. So I transitioned by way of trimming over time. I remember feeling my hair was ugly and him hounding me to take my hair out of a bun. It can also be frustrating because the concept of length is skewed.

My husband prefers longer hair. When my hair was straight it looked longer, but with curls you get shrinkage, taking way that length. Most people never truly realize how long my hair is until they see it flat ironed, with is rarely if ever. So that is another obstacle, to explain to people the concept of shrinkage, I wouldn't think I would have to, but I do. Not to mention the whole "you should wear your hair like that more often" comments. Don't you know straight always equals better? ::sarcasm:: I as per usual, digress.

One thing I did notice was with white people they didn't seem to be repulsed by my hair, they thought it was odd, but they didn't ask me when I was going to go get it "done". My husband actually likes it because I spend less time in the bathroom and I am less inclined to fear rain or humidity. That and he can actually touch my hair without fear of drawing back a nub. I think guys overall still prefer the straight look, but white guys who are open to dating black women seem to be more open to the concept of "natural hair".

Overall understanding and accepting black woman's hair is a big task for black women, it is nice to see a white man at least trying to understand black hair and the black woman's relationship with it.


Annie The Chicken Queen The Modern Day Mammy?

What is the difference between this:

and this:

As I was twittering, I had a twittersation (yeah I twitter way to much) with Thembi about Annie The Chicken Queen. Yes, they named this woman Annie the Chicken Queen. She is the new face of Popeye's chicken. Now for me, if you are to have fried chicken, it should always be Popeye's. I loved the spicy chicken back in the day. If they made spicy tofu like this, my life would be wonderful. KFC could kick rocks. I know many a black people, myself included have a love/hate relationship with fried chicken. You don't want to fall victim to the stereotype, but then again fried chicken can be mighty tasty. I am guilty of this. I made it a rule way back in the day to only eat fried chicken around friends and family. Everyone else must think I hate the damned chicken. I don't eat it at all now because I got all vegetarian and stuff and vegetarian fried chick'n isn't really the same.

As per usual, I digress. Let's get back to Annie. Now I have posted a video of Annie The Chicken Queen, and I can't help but to think Annie hasn't yet left the plantation. I am really waiting for Annie to put a kerchief on her head, break out into a slave song, and to see some happy darkies pop up behind her singing about the wonderful chicken Annie has made for the Plantation Popeye's. I live in the South and I can say most black women of her age do not talk like her. As Thembi pointed out, I don't know why in the hell she is sporting the circa 1990 Halle Berry cut either. Maybe Popeye's keeps her so busy making chicken she hasn't been able to update to a more recent style? I also love the stereotypical black woman attitude, per Popeye's, Annie The Chicken Queen is just "keeping it real". Annie in their mind is genuine. I wonder what she is genuine of? The genuine days of cotton picking? I don't want to be genuine if that is the case.

Feisty Spokesperson “Annie the Chicken Queen” Tells It Like It Is

ATLANTA, GA (March 30, 2009) – For nearly four decades, the taste of Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen has been winning fans with a bold, distinctive, unmistakably authentic taste – and now the brand is putting a human face – and voice – behind it. Today, Popeyes, a division of AFC Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFCE), kicks off a new television and radio advertising campaign featuring a real-life, no-nonsense mad truth speaker – a fictional Popeyes chef named Annie.

In the spots, created by Popeyes’ creative agency-of-record GSD&M Idea City, Annie addresses off-camera consumers directly from behind the counter, engaging them with her friendly yet blunt style: “I know what you want. Hey, I knew what you wanted before you knew.” Annie’s quips are interspersed with mouth-watering shots of Popeyes’ signature Bonafide™ chicken and Louisiana tenders being marinated in Louisiana seasonings and hand battered.

The new ads will run in :15 and :30 second spots on national cable TV focusing on several new promotions. For example, when Annie reveals an offer of two pieces of Bonafide™ chicken and a biscuit for just $1.99, she is straightforward in addressing the consumer, like when she says, “Get up off that floor...you heard me, sweetcakes.” As a chef, Annie is all-too-familiar with the careful preparation that goes into Popeyes’ food: “I work my fanny off making this chicken perfect, and they practically give it away.”

“We created Annie because we wanted to really capture the brand’s personality – honest, vibrant, youthful and authentic,” said Dick Lynch, chief marketing officer, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. “Everyone has a relative or a good friend who will give it to them straight, and that’s what Annie is all about.”

In addition, the Annie campaign is another opportunity for Popeyes to further distinguish itself among quick-serve restaurants. Lynch explains that in the category, most of the major companies feature animated or cartoon characters, not ‘real’ people. “Popeyes is the only real choice for delicious, Louisiana-inspired cooking, and we wanted our spokesperson to be as genuine as our food,” he explained.

Annie is so "fiesty", she serves a side of stereotypical black woman attitude with every piece of chicken.

How did they find a woman to actually do this role? What acting school did she go to? This one?

A True Christian

Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

Matthew 7:1-2

For those unaware, George Tiller, a doctor who performed late-term abortions was shot and killed at a church where he was working as an usher. He was killed by Scott Roeder, who apparently was not a fan of Dr. Tiller's occupation. Mr. Roeder had apparently attended the church three or four times prior to this event, I guess scoping out the place, the church which Tiller attended.

Dr. Tiller performed late-term abortions. Late-term abortions are usually defined as an abortion done after 20 weeks gestation. In America late-term abortion is a hot issue, but typically speaking, there are only 1,032 late term abortions performed each year. Of course this is an estimate. We really don't know, but we can say for the most part most abortions are done in earlier stages of gestation. It isn't a pretty picture on how late-term abortion is done, but most surgery isn't pretty.

Late-term abortions usually aren't for those who have decided they don't want a baby, but rather due to medical issues. Yes it is more than just tissue at that point, I can attest to that due to my own personal experience. It has to be a difficult decision, not something done lightly or as birth control as so many "pro-lifers" claim. With all that being said, I am all for abortion, I don't say use it for birth control, but a woman should have the right to choose. I couldn't do it myself, but maybe if circumstances were different, I might not have a choice.

Now Dr. Tiller in his past has had his clinic bombed, has been shot in both his arms, and attacked for well over 20 years. This man has been a target for many years, as not many doctors for ethical and just plain safety reasons will not perform this type of procedure. This man was shot while attending church by a man who claimed to be a fellow Christian.

Now I try to understand the pro-life folks, I really do, I understand that for me, I could not have an abortion, but labeling those who are pro-choice as pro-death is a bit sickening to me. People like this to me show no compassion and cannot or will not fully understand the complexities of the abortion argument. Referring to this man as a baby killer or mass murderer is sickening to me as well. This man did not perform late-term abortions exclusively at his clinic. This man provided other services as well. All the name calling to me is a way to deflect from the real issues of abortion.

What is making me mad is these same people are now not sure Scott Roeder was a "true Christian". These same people calling people pro-death, baby killer, and mass murderer, are now turning their back on a man who sided with them. What is even more pathetic and sad and that Dr. Tiller was killed in church while doing work as an usher at service.

Being that Dr. Tiller was in church, I am sure he defined himself as a Christian, even if many who also label themselves as Christians do not. I am sure Mr. Roeder identifies as a Christian as well:

"Bleass [sic] everyone for attending and praying in May to bring justice to Tiller and the closing of his death camp. Sometime soon, would it be feasible to organise as many people as possible to attend Tillers [sic] church (inside, not just outside) to have much more of a presence and possibly ask questions of the Pastor, Deacons, Elders and members while there? Doesn't seem like it would hurt anything but bring more attention to Tiller."

So my question is this, what defines a "true" Christian? What are the specific rules and guidelines that make one "Christian"? Is being a "true Christian" subject to specific rules and guidelines? As a former Baptist, I am taught we are all born sinners, so you have to work at being a Christian. How do these various bloggers know they are "true Christians", especially the ones who refer to Dr. Tiller as a "baby killer" and "mass murderer"? Are they themselves sinning by judging and condemning Dr. Tiller? Are there different levels of sins? Is justifying their sin ok, because in some minds Dr. Tiller's "sin" was worse? Did Roeder justify his own sin? How is it decided that Roeder is no longer a Christian, or never was a Christian?

Why Video Dating Services Might Not Work So Well

Please ladies, like I said before white men are not saviors. Please avoid these men.