There is nothing else to say, but DAMN. I take that back, yes there is.

Who the hell is that child that starts the song?

Janet I can't hear you as you sing with your deceased brother. Isn't that kind of creepy?

I thought Fergie got off the meth? What is wrong with her? Haven't you done this before, with a bunch of other child stars like Alyssa Milano, the whole cast of Kids Incorporated, half of Wild Orchid, Martika, Heather "Poltergeist" O'Rourke, Danny Pintauro, Alfonso Reibero, the kid who was on One Day At A Time after it jumped the shark, and Drew Barrymore at the start of her drug addiction? You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. She started doing drugs and hanging out at Studio 54 at a very young age. She was doing coke at age 10.

Is that a Pussycat Doll with a solo? Who did she gyrate in front of to get that?

I know that wasn't a Jonas Brother? I just know they weren't that desperate?

OH HELL NAW. Why Lil' Wayne? WHY? Can he go without use of Autotune?

Oh he can't, his buddy T-Pain is there, and Autotune is a requirement.

I know Jamie Foxx did not mimic Ray Charles? Ray Charles would not want to be in this mess and someone should have gotten Tony Bennett to save him from the embarrassment.

LL Cool J you're no longer hard as hell, and you no longer rock the bells.

Will.I.Am. uuuuuuuhhhhhmmmmmmm no.

Oh Busta I used to like you, what happened?

Snoop. Go back to the Dogg Pound.

Wyclef, what the hell was that?

Kanye, baby you can't live 12 days without water. You would die. Your will to live would be gone, BECAUSE YOU'RE DEAD.

It's good to see Lionel Ritchie working again?

This is too much hot mess. I can't comprehend what the hell Quincy Jones was thinking.