Gay People and Racism

As you guys are all aware, I don't think people are able to see the humanity in others. Case and point, I've been on youtube arguing with a gay man. A gay man who responded to this video:

Now this video is supposed to be light hearted and fun. I was laughing at the video, but of course the racists came out in full force.

Now, obviously none of the racists actually watched this video. The video was a joke. The man claimed he invented the Flux Capacitor!!!!!

So the usual diatribe came about. The why do folks have black history month. Black people get hand outs. Black people complain and whine too much. Black people are the reason for the downfall of society. If we had white history month, it would be considered racist. You know the usual stuff.

In particular, a gay man jumped in on the conversation. He believes that blacks whine so much, we just get everything handed to us. Like we shout and the rest of the world bends over backwards. We also don't have fathers. We have no work ethic, and we're racist against white people. He's mad white people don't have a television network. He also made the assumption that black families are horrible. Another assumption made was that HBCU's didn't have scholarships and quotas to increase diversity (i.e. non-black people, primarily white people), only "white colleges" do that. He also told me of my love of KFC. No one told him a good southern girl doesn't eat KFC.

I often wonder how two different groups with similar struggles (note I didn't say the same, but similar) of stereotypes, being denied rights, and oppression could have such a huge disconnect. This man vehemently fights to defend gays all over youtube, I went to his profile page where you can see his various comments about gays and gay rights. He doesn't seem upset about the channels and magazines dedicated to gay people like Logo, OUT, the Advocate, or Curve. He is however upset about BET, Ebony, Jet, Black Enterprise, and other things that target a black demographic. Does he not see his hypocrisy? I wonder how he felt about Dan Savage and his race debacle? Much like the white women who so vehemently scream about blacks getting the right to vote before women, but completely ignoring that many blacks were not able to vote years after women got the right to vote. The same ones who talk about affirmative action as if they aren't protected under the same exact laws they are complaining about.

How do we get people to see each other's struggle, without dismissing those struggles?