Why Black History Month Is Still Needed

So it's February. February is a great month. It's the best month of the year. You have Valentine's Day. President's Day. Most importantly, it's the month of my birthday. Oh yeah, it's also Black History Month.

Now people like to bitch and moan about Black History Month. The belief is that Black History Month is a month for black people only, and that whites, asians, hispanics and other races don't have a month. OK if that were true, I would concur, but let's go ahead and re-evaluate that statement.

-March is Irish-American Heritage Month

-May is Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

-September 15th kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month and German American Month

-October is National Italian American Month

-November is Native American Heritage Month

I'm sure there are other cultures out there with months, but here is just a small selection. Do you notice that even white people have a month? I know it's crazy, but Irish, German, and Italians are considered white people in America, and no one makes a big stink about it. I wonder why?

Now, why is there a need for all these months. I can't answer for all of them, but I will attempt to answer for Black History Month. In school I learned black people in America didn't do much. We were slaves and we had a Civil Rights Movement, and some woman was tired and sat down on a bus, and there was this one guy who made some peanut butter. We contributed nothing to science, music, culture. We fought in no wars. We were just some oppressed mofos that sat around sad and oppressed and with the creation of welfare, we learned how to live in public housing and use food stamps. We learned to dance, sing, and perform hip hop. We also got jobs by virtue of our blackness alone, isn't that what Affirmative Action is?

Yes I learned that in school. OK not all of that, but some of it. Some guy did do something with peanuts. I did learn that in school.

Now we all know, we did more than work for free and fight for Civil Rights. Of course, you kind of have to learn about that kind of stuff on your own. It just wasn't taught in schools. Not in the schools I attended anyway.

So my question is to all those who dislike the idea of Black History month, why is it an issue to have a month spreading awareness of African Americans and their impact in America? Is learning blacks were more than slaves a threatening thing?

If you want to know more about blacks in America outside of what BET tells you, go here.