Going Back To Jim Crow

Since the election of our President, I have come to the conclusion that race wise, America is going backwards. This story about the tea party movement is especially telling to me. John Lewis, Barney Frank, along with others have indicated that they were called certain slurs by tea party protesters.

Now the discussion is healthcare. So why oh why is race or sexual orientation even mentioned? Honestly why does the Tea Party movement stay so silent, or even defend such things? Honestly if the tea party movement is really about government, then why, oh why, does no one from the side seem to condemn what is said, instead they say people are playing the "race card" or there is some conspiracy with democrats and liberals planting people in the tea party ranks to make them look bad. I'm sorry, the tea party movement doesn't need help to look bad. They do it all on their own. It seems like this movement is very much like the anti-civil rights protesters of the 1960s. They spread misinformation and many don't know why they are protesting, except their angry Obama won.

So why does it seem the Tea Party movement embraces racism? If the focus is on government, focus on government.