How I'm Privileged

I just did a post on black male privilege. I also recently read this post and found it interesting. It was mentioned how many times those who are privileged fail to acknowledge their privilege. So I thought for once, I would acknowledge some of my privileges, at least some of the ones I know about.

As a black woman, I'm privileged in relation to black men due to my gender. As a black woman, I am less threatening to other races of people, since women are viewed as weaker or more docile than men.

As a person who has a degree, I have education privilege. Having two college educated parents, I was taught the importance of education at an early age. My parents knew how to navigate the education system. The importance of good grades and being involved in activities in high school. When to start applying to schools. How to determine my major. I had access to my parents knowledge of education, and I have benefitted from that education. In jobs I made more money than someone without a degree. It allowed me to take positions that others might not have the opportunity to have, or they would have had to start in a lower paying position and work their way up to get.

I have class privilege. I grew up middle class. I didn't grow up poor, and as a result, I had more access to things that those of a lower socioeconomic status would not. Better neighborhoods, better schools, better opportunities. I had the luxury of being able to go to college, not everyone know how to access loan and grant money to pay for college. Not everyone can find a job that pays enough and is flexible enough to let someone go to school.

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't forgotten that there are other privileges I don't have. I've written about those many times. I do however, think it's important to acknowledge our privilege so that we can see others and see that sometimes those who are disadvantaged or suffering have obstacles we don't necessarily think about.