Questioning Beauty Standards

****** No I'm not saying that weave automatically means trying to be white, I said this in the fist post and people still were upset and made the same assumption. I am essentially asking if we are expected to adhere to beauty standards that target all women, but are based upon only one race of women*****

One of my most popular blog entries this one. It's about black women and beauty ideals. People on occasion will comment on this entry. It apparently makes some people mad. I've gotten some great comments, such as:

I notice it is mostly black women who already have long hair that have a problem with other black women wearing weaves. I have long hair. As a child I didn't and I would never wear a weave. Now that my hair grew long I will braid it up and get a full stocking cap weave because I never new how fun long hair was but it is also alot to manage so I'd rather do it to fake hair than my own. I also wear color contacts on my already light brown eyes. I change them as I change my eye make up. I would never change anything about myself permently. But I love being able to use modern discovery to have fun. And if a person black or white wants to change there hair with weaves or color or perm or relaxer. Maybe it's just because it is fun to do something different. Same goes for eye color. Most girls black, white or other enjoy long hair. It's not self hate it's just the joy of being a girl. And those who don't rock too.-Made4U2Wonder

It's called doing what you WANT TO DO. IT'S THEIR FACE AND BODIES so they can do w/e they want...also, blk people come in all shapes and forms just like other races...so the point of this commentary is?!

Omg most women(and im not zoning in on any one race) wear weaves for thousands of different reasons! Here think outside the box: jus becuz there hair is already long doesn't mean it's useless to get a weave, for example maybe they work out everyday and they're press sweats out, no one especially a black woman in their right mind would restraighten it EVERY DAY! That's wayy too much heat and will quickly damage your own hair. Now if they worked out with a weave who cares? The weave will dry straight after being drenched with sweat. There's no one reason for getting a weave. It's nice to give your hair a break for awhile so what? No one should be judged jus because they were born with long straight hair and want curly short hair or curly long hair for a couple months, they should do and get whatever they want!! Please stop judging bcuz you just sound rude and unthoughtful. [all black women aren't lil kim, Duh]

Sidditty I assume you are a man so I guess you thing we black women hate ourselves. I wear weave and I did not hate myself. I like the variety of hair styles I can wear. So I do not need a man telling me what to wear. I understand concepts that have been placed in our society about beauty but there are fashion statement. Well that is all you men are going to think what you want. I am pretty sure all races of men make comments about their women. I am liberated from what men think.

Hi I do not have a problem with any type of enhancement. I have been through all of the stages of the hair weave thing. I will say this white women wear more of it then any other race and no one says anything. Actually when they wear it they are put in the spotlight and it is so cute. I will admit I am a artist and I consider it art. Being able to alter your appearance be attaching or extending something to your body is the oldest form of art. Study history. I wore a afro for 3 years straight and I wanted a different look so I tried weave. It is all about a look. Hair is a fashion now and basically always been people have been wearing wigs for ages. Now since black women have been wearing it we are considered fake. That is intriges me. I want to see people make comment about white women and their fake stuff. The reality show "Wives of Orange County" all those women are fake and they do not get put down. What baffles me about black men is they will say nasty comments about black women and fake hair. But will be fascinated by fake boobs on white women. To sum it up in America is fake we eat fake food and that is worst then what you put on. So what is better fake food or fake hair. Besides who are men to tell us what to wear. Let's talk about what men are wearing. Why so much beating on black women. We still have not escaped the Willie Lynch Theory.

If you notice, people have accused me of being a man, being rude and unthoughtful, and that I am a victim and perpetrator of Willie Lynch(yes, I'm aware this has been dismissed as a hoax).

Now, I don't think I personally went out to insult black women with this particular blog entry, I just questioned why some black women desire for weave, color contacts, and hair dye). Why in particular we aim to have hair styles and eye colors not normally associated with people of color, but white people?

I'm not against choice, I'm really not, but it seems some women's choices tend to go towards the mainstream (read white) look, and to me that's sad. I have nothing against the white look, but I do have a problem with people of color being expected to adhere to beauty standards that we can't achieve without sticking some glue in our head and putting weird colored contacts in our eyes.

I don't think I am a hater of weave, but I admit I don't understand it, but then again, I've never worn weave, and I never thought weave was a good way to give my hair a "break", that is what protective styling is for. I also don't understand that if you do have waist length hair,how a weave will help protect that hair, instead of damaging it, I guess depending upon the weave.

I also understand that white women wear weave, they are also victims of unrealistic beauty ideals.

So I guess the point of the blog is this, is the concept of weave, color contacts, and hair dye a result of white or non black beauty standards, or are people just trying to enhance themselves or go for a different look? Do mainstream beauty standards have no impact on black women at all?