So today we have discovered what people have been talking about forever. Minority births are on track to outnumber white births. Oh no, what are we going to do? The minorities are taking over!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's not get too excited.

Minorities aren't one big monolithic group. Blacks, hispanics, asians, and multiracial. Now you can't blame the blacks, asians, or multiracials, we aren't really growing in population. Blame the hispanics. That is what the news is doing. All these hispanic women of child bearing age procreating and such. Damn them. Of course hispanic isn't really a race of people, but rather a culture. You can be black, asian, multiracial, and yes even white, and be hispanic.

So exactly what is the news here. It seems the spin on this is now that whites are becoming a minority. When in reality they are still the majority. So 52% of births are white. That's just downright scary, in America the white population should be closer to 99%. The 25% hispanic, the 12% black, 4% asian, and 4% multiracial populations are all on track to surpass white people.

Watch out white people, you're still the majority. Now go freak out about still being the majority.

The media spin of the Us (white people) vs. Them (everyone else) diatribe is taking us back to a gentler time of Jim Crow era. Spread fear and concern that white people are dwindling in numbers so that the number of neo Nazi sympathizers and KKK members can increase. Now we can hear the conversations about white people paying for minorities on welfare (which is happening in the comments section of the article I linked as we speak), because we know only minorities are on welfare and leach off the government. No white person in the history of America has ever used welfare, and no minorities pay taxes.