Arizona Welcomes In A New Era of Race Relations By Making Racial Profiling Legal

I knew Arizona was "special", now I know they are extra crispy "special". In an effort to curb illegal immigration, they have decided to racially profile those who make "look illegal". I have figured out they are not going to target European immigrants. Their target will be those of the brown skin persuasion. So if you are a Mexican American, you need to be scared. You need to be very scared. Now you can enjoy being followed by the police waiting for you to violate some law so they can pull you over because they know you're an up to no good "illegal". You can now make sure to carry a birth certificate, passport, and other forms of ID to appease these people so eager to try to deport you. It's a bit scary the lengths people are going to in order to make sure we slow down the growth of the minority population in America.

What is this Tom Foolery? Dick Slang-NSFW

There are no words for this. Don't watch this at work.


Kiely Williams - Spectacular: Is This Song About Date Rape? Video NSFW

When you start off the song with the words "Last night I was drunk. I don't remember much.", you've already lost.

I know you are trying to shed your young, teen girl role model image, but really?

These are the killer lyrics right here:

"Last I remember I was face down
Ass up, clothes off, broke off, dozed off
Even though I'm not sure of his name
He could get it again if he wanted
Cause the sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular (yeaaah)
The sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular"

This sounds like she was date raped and enjoyed it. You don't remember much because you were drunk. You dozed off and found yourself ass up and clothes off? That sounds like he slipped you a roofie. Don't be excited about the sex, that sex was chemically enhanced. Plus now you need to go to the clinic to get tested for STDs. You don't even know his name!!!!!!!

"So it was the morning after
I couldn't get home faster
Doing the walk of shame
In the same clothes from yesterday
I think he pulled a track out
When he was blowing my back out
What was I drinking
I cant believe I blacked out"

OK so you acknowledge it was wrong to have a one night stand with a man you don't know. One step forward. I'm sorry while during the date rape sex he pulled a track out, but honestly you need to go to the police, you blacked out and he sexed you up. DATE RAPE. That's like twenty steps back.

"I must have been on drugs
I hope he used a rubber
Or I'mma be in trouble"

I hope he used a rubber too. I hope you consider rehab after you go get tested and go to the police for the date rape. Drinking to the point of blacking out and waking up next to people you don't know is not a good thing.

But seriously, these lyrics sound like this child was date raped.


Not Surprised

I've lived in Paris, TX. I've shared other issues that exist in Paris, TX. Shaquanda Cotton. Brandon McClelland. I'm curious why he company is in such denial about their treatment of their employees. Now they look like they are incompetent and unaware of what happens in their own work spaces. Why deny it. Why not be proactive and implement diversity training, add some new rules to the handbook for zero tolerance, to at least pretend you give a damn. People want to pretend racism is over. It's far from over. This is proof. It isn't something made up in people's heads.

Feds slam Texas factory over discrimination claims
By the CNN Wire Staff
April 14, 2010 5:47 p.m. EDT

At a news conference Wednesday, current and former Turner Industries workers showed examples of harassment.

Dallas, Texas (CNN) -- African-American workers at a Texas pipe factory endured a string of racial slurs and harassment and were targeted by their managers when they complained, federal investigators have determined.
Black employees at the Turner Industries plant in Paris, Texas, regularly "were subjected to unwelcome racial slurs, comments and intimidation, racial graffiti, nooses in the workplace and other symbols of discrimination," the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported.

Black workers also were denied promotions and disciplined more harshly than whites, the agency concluded in a three-page letter in late March. Managers at the plant not only were aware of a "hostile environment," they also targeted workers who complained and disciplined white employees who opposed the harassment, the EEOC found.

The EEOC has called on Turner Industries, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to join talks aimed at producing a "just resolution" to the problems. The company said its plant "is free from any form of discrimination, retaliation, or any other workplace conduct that violates the law."

"We are disappointed that the EEOC has issued this determination and strongly disagree with the EEOC's findings," Michael Phelps, Turner Industries' vice president for human resources, said in a written statement.

Lawyers for the seven Turner employees who went to the EEOC displayed photographs of the slurs, of hanging nooses and threatening notes left for employees at the Paris plant during a news conference Wednesday. One of those employees, Dontrail Mathis, told reporters that he was frequently called racially inflammatory names and that most African-American employees were relegated to the paint shop.

Mathis, a painter's helper, said one co-worker who found out he was married to a white woman told him, "In the Bible, it says that white women shouldn't mix with monkeys." When he called Turner's corporate office to complain about that incident, he heard nothing back, Mathis said.

"I tried to back away from it. It kept going and going and coming and coming," he said.

Jason Milligan, a former night foreman at the plant, said his bosses "more or less wanted me to do their dirty work."

"I watched certain people more than I did the others, to see if I could get anything on them that could be used against them," he said. But he said he was fired after he refused to sign an affidavit accusing a Turner employee of theft -- a man he believed had been "set up."

"I'm not going to lie for anyone," Milligan said. "He was a man just like me. He has a family to take care of. I'm not going to do it. And from then on, that was my down-slide."

Milligan worked at the plant for nine months before he was fired. Company officials told him he was sacked for failing a drug test, he said. But a lawyer for the employees, Jay Ellwanger, said Milligan warned testers that he was taking a diet medication that could show up as a stimulant.

Milligan said managers were told to document and clean off any racist graffiti immediately, but he said one such case he handled in his nine months at the plant was "swept under the rug" when the person behind it turned out to be a relative of another manager.

In the year since workers in the Paris plant went to the EEOC, similar complaints have emerged at other Turner factories in Texas, Ellwanger said.

Paris is about 110 miles northeast of Dallas. The Rev. Peter Johnson, a state civil rights leader, said the problems reported at the Turner plant reflect a "culture of discrimination" that lingers in East Texas.

"East Texas is Mississippi 50 years ago. This case will begin to help us unravel the history of discrimination and bigotry throughout East Texas," he said.

CNN's Tracy Sabo and Ed Lavandera contributed to this report.


Kids Today

First off, I'm not going to discuss his sexual identity because:

He's a child and may not be fully aware of is sexual identity and it's not my place to discuss.
He might just have done this video as a joke
I have no problem with his sexual identity be it straight, gay, bi, etc.

Now with that disclaimer out of the way:

I will however discuss the lack of supervision. Why does this child have unsupervised access to the internet? What parent would allow a child to gyrate all sexually on video and let them release said video? This kid is basically being put on a platter for some pedophile.

I will discuss why he is listening to this song with it's suggestive lyrics? Why is that appropriate? Does he even know what "get it up" means? Or what is meant by "giddy up" entails in reference to this song? Does he know anything about being "turning your body out"?

Who taught the boy how to dance like this? Honestly he must have put in some practice for this?

So where are his parents? Am I being a prude in thinking this song may not be appropriate for all ages? Do you wonder where he learned to dance sexually suggestive like that? How do parents prevent their kids from listening to songs like this, and prevent their kids from posting such things to the internet?

On a lighter note:

What is with the Mickey Mouse bobble head?

Why has no one cleaned the house?


Kat Stacks

In my last post, I blogged about Erykah's Badu video, "Window Seat", in which Badu gets nude in downtown Dallas. I talked a little bit about exploitation and sexuality. On the same day I made that post, I found out about, Kat Stacks. I guess Kat Stacks is the new Karrine Steffans-McCrary aka "Superhead". Kat Stacks discusses her exploits with various entertainers, such as Lil Wayne and the whole entire Young Money crew, Aaron Carter, Bow Wow, Nelly, and apparently many more. She discusses how broke the Young Money crew was, excluding Lil Wayne.

She is planning to publish a book about her exploits. A great career or at least money making move. I don't know how long one can sleep with entertainers for money or notoriety, but doing the book thing is smart. On the other hand, essentially admitting to being a prostitute isn't a very good idea. Neither is sleeping with various men who live in the same apartment, or simply because their famous. I would hope she practiced safe sex.

It seems as if there is a certain mentality needed to be the kind of person like Kat Stacks. I wonder if her father was involved in her life. I wonder if she is a label whore. Maybe like Val said a very posts back in the comment section, maybe sleeping with these men give her a chance at status and prominence she wouldn't get otherwise? When you get older and have kids, how do you explain your behavior to them? Or what if your mom or dad finds out? I find it sad that in this day and age, a woman chooses to essentially prostitute herself.


Erykah Badu Controversy

So I know you guys have all heard about Erykah Badu's new video, "Window Seat". I'm not able to embed the video, but I will link to it here. I will however embed the video that inspired the "Window Seat" video by Matt and Kim. To give a summary for those not able to see the video, Badu basically parks a car that looks as if it is a Cadillac from the 1960s, gets out, and walks while taking off her clothing piece by piece in the Dealey Plaza area of Dallas. Dealey Plaza is the area where JFK was shot. At the end of the video, she falls to the ground as if she is assassinated, and blue "blood" spills on the ground that says "groupthink". Then she says this:

They play it safe are quick to assasinate what they do not understand
They move in packs ingesting more and more fear on every act of hate on one another
They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow
They are us
This is what we have become
Afraid to respect the individual
A single person event or circumstance can move one to change to love herself to evolve

The song itself doesn't seem to follow in the same tone of the video. Just looking at the lyrics alone, it seems she is talking about a relationship in the song. However, with the video, the song takes on a whole new meaning about finding or trying to fit in or be accepted and then deciding not to fit in and do your own thing.

Now I personally liked the song, it's not my favorite Erykah Badu song, but it works. I think the song is nice, and I'm a fan of Erykah. I really am. I'm not offended by the video, but others are. People are upset that children were present in the video. It didn't appear that the one child in the video saw her completely naked. She saw her in a bra and pants. I can understand wanting to protect your children and controlling what they see, but I don't think the human body is something in and of itself a bad thing. I don't see her exploiting and sexualizing herself. She wasn't gyrating and I think it was a her showing she wanted to do her own thing and not fit in. Also to shock and get some buzz on her new album and single. It seems to have worked in that aspect.