Arizona Welcomes In A New Era of Race Relations By Making Racial Profiling Legal

I knew Arizona was "special", now I know they are extra crispy "special". In an effort to curb illegal immigration, they have decided to racially profile those who make "look illegal". I have figured out they are not going to target European immigrants. Their target will be those of the brown skin persuasion. So if you are a Mexican American, you need to be scared. You need to be very scared. Now you can enjoy being followed by the police waiting for you to violate some law so they can pull you over because they know you're an up to no good "illegal". You can now make sure to carry a birth certificate, passport, and other forms of ID to appease these people so eager to try to deport you. It's a bit scary the lengths people are going to in order to make sure we slow down the growth of the minority population in America.