Erykah Badu Controversy

So I know you guys have all heard about Erykah Badu's new video, "Window Seat". I'm not able to embed the video, but I will link to it here. I will however embed the video that inspired the "Window Seat" video by Matt and Kim. To give a summary for those not able to see the video, Badu basically parks a car that looks as if it is a Cadillac from the 1960s, gets out, and walks while taking off her clothing piece by piece in the Dealey Plaza area of Dallas. Dealey Plaza is the area where JFK was shot. At the end of the video, she falls to the ground as if she is assassinated, and blue "blood" spills on the ground that says "groupthink". Then she says this:

They play it safe are quick to assasinate what they do not understand
They move in packs ingesting more and more fear on every act of hate on one another
They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow
They are us
This is what we have become
Afraid to respect the individual
A single person event or circumstance can move one to change to love herself to evolve

The song itself doesn't seem to follow in the same tone of the video. Just looking at the lyrics alone, it seems she is talking about a relationship in the song. However, with the video, the song takes on a whole new meaning about finding or trying to fit in or be accepted and then deciding not to fit in and do your own thing.

Now I personally liked the song, it's not my favorite Erykah Badu song, but it works. I think the song is nice, and I'm a fan of Erykah. I really am. I'm not offended by the video, but others are. People are upset that children were present in the video. It didn't appear that the one child in the video saw her completely naked. She saw her in a bra and pants. I can understand wanting to protect your children and controlling what they see, but I don't think the human body is something in and of itself a bad thing. I don't see her exploiting and sexualizing herself. She wasn't gyrating and I think it was a her showing she wanted to do her own thing and not fit in. Also to shock and get some buzz on her new album and single. It seems to have worked in that aspect.