Kat Stacks

In my last post, I blogged about Erykah's Badu video, "Window Seat", in which Badu gets nude in downtown Dallas. I talked a little bit about exploitation and sexuality. On the same day I made that post, I found out about, Kat Stacks. I guess Kat Stacks is the new Karrine Steffans-McCrary aka "Superhead". Kat Stacks discusses her exploits with various entertainers, such as Lil Wayne and the whole entire Young Money crew, Aaron Carter, Bow Wow, Nelly, and apparently many more. She discusses how broke the Young Money crew was, excluding Lil Wayne.

She is planning to publish a book about her exploits. A great career or at least money making move. I don't know how long one can sleep with entertainers for money or notoriety, but doing the book thing is smart. On the other hand, essentially admitting to being a prostitute isn't a very good idea. Neither is sleeping with various men who live in the same apartment, or simply because their famous. I would hope she practiced safe sex.

It seems as if there is a certain mentality needed to be the kind of person like Kat Stacks. I wonder if her father was involved in her life. I wonder if she is a label whore. Maybe like Val said a very posts back in the comment section, maybe sleeping with these men give her a chance at status and prominence she wouldn't get otherwise? When you get older and have kids, how do you explain your behavior to them? Or what if your mom or dad finds out? I find it sad that in this day and age, a woman chooses to essentially prostitute herself.