Kids Today

First off, I'm not going to discuss his sexual identity because:

He's a child and may not be fully aware of is sexual identity and it's not my place to discuss.
He might just have done this video as a joke
I have no problem with his sexual identity be it straight, gay, bi, etc.

Now with that disclaimer out of the way:

I will however discuss the lack of supervision. Why does this child have unsupervised access to the internet? What parent would allow a child to gyrate all sexually on video and let them release said video? This kid is basically being put on a platter for some pedophile.

I will discuss why he is listening to this song with it's suggestive lyrics? Why is that appropriate? Does he even know what "get it up" means? Or what is meant by "giddy up" entails in reference to this song? Does he know anything about being "turning your body out"?

Who taught the boy how to dance like this? Honestly he must have put in some practice for this?

So where are his parents? Am I being a prude in thinking this song may not be appropriate for all ages? Do you wonder where he learned to dance sexually suggestive like that? How do parents prevent their kids from listening to songs like this, and prevent their kids from posting such things to the internet?

On a lighter note:

What is with the Mickey Mouse bobble head?

Why has no one cleaned the house?